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A plan out of Iraq? Thompson says...

"We don't need to invent new ideas," Thompson said, because proven ideas haven't been around for a long time. "I've got a plan for bringing our troops home from Iraq. Win the war and bring our troops home from Iraq. ... Keep taxes low and quit spending our grandchildren's and their grandchildren's money. On illegal immigration, enforce the border, secure the border and enforce the law."


This on the heels that his two top campaign people jump over to McCain's team?

Mmmm whats going on over there?

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you know...

If you look at Fred's domestic policies they aren't too much different then Ron Paul's, except there is just something missing from Fred.
I think that most of the candidates have seen the popularity Ron Paul is having and are starting to speak like him, but don't really have policy to back them up.

Fred's flaw, in my opinion, is in his charicter. He seems too 'scripted' and the thing that turned me way off about the charicter was that whole deal where he has a limo drop him off a block away from a speech so he can get into his Red Pickup, drive to the speech, leave in the Red Pickup, and go home in the limo.

That wraps him up in a nutshell to me, just another lawyer/actor.
He talks the talk, but doesn't have the guts to walk the walk


Anyone who uses the term, "win," when speaking of the Iraq war is deluded. There is no traditional definition of victory for this non-traditional war. Our politicians must understand they're fighting a tactic and ideology not a nation-state. Therfore, occupying and killing will never bring "victory," only a way to start more wars under the vague veil that is, "staying until we win."

"People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people." - V for Vendetta