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Lets Get Dr. Paul into the Guinness World Records


Lets imagine for a second that we get this one day to be officially monitored by the staff and judges at Guinness. This story would make so many rounds around the net and the mainstream media because of the significance of the one day of donations and the probability of setting a record for our beloved Dr.

What will it take to make this event officially covered by Guinness?

We have 10 days to get this sorted out and I Guarantee that nobody will every forget this 5th of November.

I am willing to bet that thousands of non Ron Paul supporters would donate just to be a part of the largest day of donations on record.

-Josh W.

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I think if we get Guinness

I think if we get Guinness involved we could easily top $3 mil in one day.

We can get it approved in 3 days

That leaves 7 days to advertise it everywhere.

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A good idea...

Does anybody else think this is a good idea? I feel like this could really launch this donation effort, any other input?

Does anyone know what the

Does anyone know what the biggest day record is currently?

I have submitted the

I have submitted the question to GWBOR, no reply yet.. a Note.. SLITHERY Clinton is having her 60th B-day this weekend. She is expected to garner 2 Mil from the fools that pay to sit at her B-day party. Imagine what that party will be like.. 1st row -coke addicts only ... 2nd row -communist .... 3rd row "Bills favorite" -prostitutes.. 4th row -Abortion doctors....

In the MILITARY? Join my Meet-Up group

I read

I read somewhere on here that it's just over a million, from obama.

That's probably biggest after Campaign Finance Reform laws on a single day in the united states. Even so, I read it on the internet, so take that for what it's worth.

Anyone got a better number?