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Hot off the Press! Freedom Rally Update (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED)

Update on the Freedom Rally.
With the upcoming event growing into a major happening we have more and more people coming on board. This is a great occurance. Our newest additions and ones that are huge are:

Bob Schultz (We the People)

Ben Stein
( Steal Ben Stein's money) of TV and movie fame and Ron Paul supporter.

Get your bags packed, gas up the van, call your meet up group and put together a group to travel to DC and be a part of this great event. Go to www.freedomrally.info and check out the travel forum.
Catch a ride or offer one.
Show our Congress and Senate there is unity among the people. We are all angry and are not going to take it any longer!
A note of caution: Truckers are talking of striking on April 1 though the 4th. If this happens the grocery stores will be pretty bare for a while.. Make sure you have your staples, medication and necessities on hand just in case this transpires. I have been storing up supplies for a while now so am pretty well stocked up but those of you that have not and especially those with small children.. buy your milk, freeze it, stock up on everyday items. They will always be handy even if the strike does not happen. But if it does they will be very necessary.


Our reasoning in choosing this date are:
April 15th is Tax Day ( Ron's most well known objective is to remove the IRS and the Federal Reserve System)
There are 12 more primary or causus events after the 15th possibly giving Ron a chance to win some more delegates.
Congress and the Senate are both in session on the 15th. giving the elected crooks the opportunity of seeing thousands of voters who are demanding they shape up or ship out !
I know money is scarce and people have been reading the news and know we have hard times coming, hopefully people are beginning to stock up on their food supply as well as essential products needed for comfortable living. I am, I have been canning, stocking up on canned goods and purchasing needed items like shampoo, dish soap, even toilet paper. While my friends and neighbors think I am a little nutty I am assured that my family will have what is needed to survive should the worst happen..If not we have a supply of stock that we will not have to pay the high prices for in the next year. With Truckers threatening to strike and with good cause we could be facing a very dire shortage of all products quite soon and those that are available will be extremely high priced.
This Freedom Rally could very well be the last event we are allowed to participate in whether due to loss of freedoms the Constitution guarantees us or due to the high cost of fuel and of getting anywhere that is not absolutely necessary. In any event we will be in Washington DC on the 15th and hopefully so will thousands of others who want to show opposition to many many programs which are being shoved down the American's thoats daily. Whether you are against AMNESTY, the NAU, NAIS, NAFTA, CAFTA, PATRIOT ACT, REAL ID or any of the other many programs we are being subjected to without a vote or any type of consent from the citizenry the Freedom Rally should be a venue you support. We are attempting to unite all of these small battles which is really a method used to keep us all busy and unaware of other items which are being enacted while we worry with just one small area of concern.. We all need to realize we have to unite and make one huge force of people all with different agendas but one goal.. FREEDOM and Restoring our rights under the CONSTITUTION.
Come to DC bring your signs, wear your shirts and lets peacefully show the stregnth of the people.
Support our efforts, if you cannot come help someone else to do so, encourage your friends, promote our event. Contact all of your contacts, family and friends, forward this message to everyone. Please remember to remove email addresses when forwarding so others cannot use them for other purposes or better yet send them as a blind carbon copy.
To send to your contacts use these links:

Please consider sending in a donation to help us pay for this event.. It is a very costly event which we are struggling to fund.
No amount is too small. We appreciate every single donation and use it honestly and for the successful completion of this event.

We all need to make sure this has a major turn out to show our solidarity and unity as a soverign people of the United States of America. NOT THE North American Union. With the Real ID about to rear it's ugly head in May we may not be in a position to even travel if we refuse the Real ID so this may be the last chance we get to show our opposition in one place at one time.
We need to raise money to pay for the extra staging, porta johns, travel and other necessary items so we are going to sell a Freedom Package.. One T shirt, one Freedom Bracelet and a couple of buttons. Price $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping. We have mostly Lg and XL shirts with some mediums.. ( Shirts are large enough to wear over other clothing ) These are cotton so they will shrink slightly. The shirts are silk screened and of excellent quality. ( not iron on decals) Supply is limited.

UNITED we will stand...and so will the America we love.

Join us in Washington:
Support Ron Paul Revolution Radio

See you all there on the 15th with your signs and energy lets get this

We have the permits in hand,
This is our chance to show Congress and the Senate there are eyes on them and they can be voted out if they do not start doing their jobs.

Sign the Petition to present to Congress on the 15th.


The participants can carry hand signs, dress in costumes and in general have a peaceful demonstration. No dangerous objects will be allowed ( Homeland security rules) as sticks with pointed ends, metal poles for signs etc. Bull horns are permitted from the steps for amplification for speakers.



Other Links:
( home ) 828-683-2009 ( cell ) 409-673-4891
27 Beaton Path, Leicester, NC, 28748

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I'm coming from Texas! "You

I'm coming from Texas!

"You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning." --Andrew Jackson,

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

And June 21?

Is this April 15 rally in addition to or has the June 21 rally in D.C. been called off?

not definite

June 21 is not definite... nothing is organized for that date yet. So it isn't called off, but it isn't set up yet either.

Wouldn't miss it...

Thanks Granny Warriors!

With all of the updates from the delegates around the country

and their strong showings in their respective districts, Im thinking this rally is going to be BIG. We always knew the revolution wouldnt be televised- so dont count on seeing it on the news to decide whether or not its "big" enough to be part of...IT IS : ) I assure you- the revolution is reaching a point of critical mass and the LAST thing the MSM would do at this point is bring even more attention to it by discussing it.


Granny. I'll drop another donation.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

One Stop Get It All!

April 15......
* MetroRail Maps
* Gear from Poker Face and the Rally
* Hotel List
* Transportation List
* Print Flyers
* Donate to the Cause
* Print the Petition Get Those Signatures!!
* Guest List with Pictures and Info about them
* See the Permit in Hand
* Bring your State Flag! You can find links to flags at the website!
* Banners, spread the word on your website!
Get Organized! See you there!

Have you

contacted Aimee Allen??

Granny's Got it Going On!


you beat me to it...

The update sure got updated fast...lol...
Granny Warrior

Granny Warrior


I can't wait!!!!!

how many

on this forum are attending this

I'll be there!

I'll be there!

Not I, but......

I plan to wave Ron Paul signs with a few others on Villanova's campus while John McCain is the guest on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” College Tour and talk to Pennsylvania Republicans about voting for Ron Paul and his delegates.

I hope to make it to DC June 21



I am

Had to take 3 days off for travel time, riding with a friend. It is going to be a blast!

bet your booties

I am going! Traveling via RV with a group.

I am

Took two days off work.
I am in upstate NY.