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&&& lets consider having an adoption contest

Let's have an adopt a news person either from the TV, Radio, or Newspaper field in our own area.
Meet ups within each state could compete with other meet ups in the same state. Huh??
Let' see which area (meet up group) can convert a local media person over to Ron Paul during the next month.
If it goes well, do it again for the next month.
Not for a prize for our freedom.
If every meet up group could convert 1 news (reporter or talking head or talk show host ) person to be a Ron Paul supporter in the next month ................... and then repeat it the next month ....................... every month ..... till the election is over we might be able to have a grassroots support ........... locally even tho the national media is bought and paid for.
Maybe we could take the person we are after to lunch, coffee, dinner etc.
Give them slim jims and videos and web sites maybe a copy of the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.
Anybody out there have guts enough to do this ???

I dare you..... double dare you.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCKMTo210k

If we win them over maybe we can feed them our own written press releases as to what needs to be said about the election.

We have thousands of meet up members so could there be 10 or 20 people or more in each state that believes in the Ron Paul revolution enough to take up this challenge??

If you dare then keep this bumped because the more the merrier.
If your chicken don't bump this.

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