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"DIRECT FUNDING" for the Delegate Process!

While the efforts of the RP volunteers far exceed those of any other campaign, the "Delegate Process" could be even more effective if it had sufficient and direct funding.

While some volunteers do not need outside funding, the reality is, sufficient funding could enable more people to be more effective in the various tasks that require both time and money.

Hiring part-time campaign workers and providing expense money to perform these organizing activities is both legal, smart and an efficient use of campaign resources.

(These funds could come from the official HQs or a separate and independent pool of money)!

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Using this approach would also help RP supporters

convert delegates from other camps as is now beginning to be done with McCain delegates. This is where HQ should be putting their funds!

It's the Ground Game Baby, It's the Ground Game!!!


This idea is one that could work.
Ron's campaign could have done more. He should have just hired the grassroots. We would have worked much harder for a lot less. $350 a week and I could have put an easy 40 hrs into spreading freedom. I did what I did at my own "free" time and expense but I have to work a job... my time was limited and so were my funds.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I agree

!Many RP people are fired up and would love to be able to put more time into the process but can't because of their financial and family responsibilities.

Hiring campaign workers for one or two months to organize, recruit and educate would be a much more effective use of the funds, and there is still the possiblity of converting the other delegates.

$33 million divided by 50 states = $666,000 per!!!

Follow-up on my post below..

I was thinking about this further..

Isn't that what the campaign was supposed to be paid for? I don't know but I would think you would do more then sit around an office all day..
I would think you would do everything in your power to give speeches, call radio shows, write local newspapers..
You are paid by the campaign to get out the message..
Just my opinion...

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

My feelings exactly!

Just imagine if that $33 million had been used to directly fund the delegate process - It would have changed the world.

Paid volunteers?

Hmmm. All this sounds quite good. I hope something can be put together to establish a working (yet decentralized) organization that is not only geared to and focused on success but is able to achieve success. Some thoughts...

If I were to participate (speaking for myself of course) I would not under any circumstances be a part of being an "employee" that is susceptible to all the federale, state and local interferences of payroll taxes, assorted deductions, statutory controls and manipulations, etc. Instead I would be interested in a "private contractor" or "joint venture" type of arrangement. The "employer / employee" relationship has been taken over by the socialists, nazis and communists among us as though they were ordained by their unGod to control everybody. Besides that a private agreement between aware sovereigns is the Paul thing to do.

I'm not really interested in doing this as I have my hands already full with all the things I'm currently doing which includes waking up our local and neighboring communities, operating my business, etc. Others are perhaps busy in a similar manner. They may not want to drop their existing lives to become full-time politicos. So perhaps a "Care Package" could be tailored for each meetup interested in or needing assistance. You (DWB) would need a small staff to get this up and running properly. Monthly feed-back would be a requirement and qualification for each new monthly "Care Package". Prove the money (by report and receipts) was used as stipulated or there is new check in the mail.

Things we have been doing that could be duplicated elsewhere.

1) Small town newspaper ads are inexpensive. We can place a quarter page ad in our local weekly paper that reaches 10,000 readers for about $290. The ad is out there for a week. Our tiny meetup placed some ads but it severely taxed our resources. We could use some help on that.

2) Distribute the Russo AFTF dvd. Our meetup has distributed around 500 copies in our community and surrounding communities. I feel we need to give away another 1,500 before a real impact moves this place back to freedom thinking; i.e., 10-20% saturation. We also need a few large yard signs.

3) We have begun weekly classes on the Constitution. This effort needs some funding for books and study guides available from

4) Educating ourselves as to the voting/delegate process already in place across America. It has been a revelation how little was known by us about this system.

5) Grooming and training awake people to run for local and state offices.

These efforts appear to be working well for us though they could work a lot better if adequately funded. I feel they could represent a program of sorts that other meetups could adapt to their local conditions.

A 1099 contract is the way to go.

The way to simplify the process would be to do it as a 1099 contract worker; that way the recipient is responsible for any taxes. However, taxes are not due until a certain minimum is reached.

I think a pilot project (or projects) would be the way to test it.

My thoughts lately

I have been considering this exact idea for a few weeks and I'm looking for ideas so that I don't create a situation where funds are just wasted.

Over the last few months I've been watching volunteers in our local area who seem to get a lot of work done with relatively few resources.

I have the idea that if these people had a salary they could be freed-up from the constraints of a job and devote more time to campaign activities.

One idea would be to form a corporation, hire the individual as a marketing representative or even an educational consultant.

I have a relationship with a PPO, which is a company that administers the payroll and benefit packages of people employed by small businesses for a fee. So for instance if I hired a few individuals to work as campaign workers, this PPO would take care of paying salaries, employment taxes and medical insurance. They would then charge my business account for those expenses plus a fee for their services.

My question is;

What areas would I want the paid staff to focus on for best results?

"PunJab! Bring me my checkbook!"

That sounds like an excellent idea and methodology!

I would say it varies with each situation and would best be determined by the local RP supporters. You could set it up similiar to grant requests but make it as simple as possible. It could be done in 3 steps:

1. The RP agent emails a basic description of their situation and how funds would help.

2. This is followed up with a phone conference.

3. Funds are dispursed in increments with a report on what each allocation has produced.

Post it on the Daily Paul and away we go!

Question for DWB...

Can you be reached by email?


These people can spend their time attending every meeting possible and going to churches to speak, call in radio shows, high schools, colleges..
Also, writing to local newspapers and such.

I would love to do more of this stuff, and I am sure most RP supporters would, but the reality is that we work 50-60 hr weeks, have children and life (chaotic as it is) to deal with. We do what we can, but the idea of being "freed-up" to focus full-time?? Wow.

Something like this would be amazing, but of course they would have to be screened extensively. Not everyone speaks well, writes well, or can organize appropriately.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I think you are exactly right

Having some funds to work with would free up a lot more people for RP work and would be money well spent.