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$30,000 free advertising for Ron Paul Springfield MO

Our Springfield Missouri meetup group made the news for Ron Paul


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Best I've seen

I've literally seen every news piece (mostly from youtube) that has ever been run on the revolution. This is certainly the best piece I've ever witnessed, even among national stories. Keep up the great work. We will do this!

"People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people." - V for Vendetta

Patriot Acts in Missouri

Last couple of days in Missouri have been tremendous! First Ron Paul gets the top spot on the ballot! Then I see this awesome video from Springfield! Then I heard a Ron Paul radio ad this afternoon on a Columbia, MO station (the right station, too) by another meetup group in Columbia! Loved it! Several REAL Patriot Acts in a couple of days.

Heads up Rude Ghoul! The heat is being turned up!

Remember, remember the fifth of November! Hopefully, the biggest Patriot Act in history!

Notice the term "Patriot Act" above. We should call our actions in supporting Dr. Paul "Patriot Acts" and throw that term back in the faces of those who would rule us.

We would like to run cable ads of Ron Paul

We would like to run cable ads of Ron Paul in the Springfield MO area, and from what our cable operators tell us, they have to sell the ads at the cheapest possible price because they are political ads - as little as $3.95 for a 30 sec spot if you purchase a block of time. Does anyone know if the national campaign has any television spots made yet, and if its possible to get a copy on dvd to run on the local level?

Video also on KY3.com

This one looks better!


Click on the Video link below the picture.

This is SO encouraging!!!

Truly wonderful news!!!! What a nice piece they put together for that story. Great job, wonderful van - everything you're doing is truly applause worthy!

My husband goes out on a big and busy intersection in Charlotte, NC during his lunch break every day doing a sign wave. Yesterday, the local news (also an NBC affiliate station) interviewed him but we don't know if it was aired, as it wasn't the original story the reporter was supposed to cover. But, score one for Ron Paul!

Keep it up!!!

Also In Southwest Missouri

We had a Ron Paul Float in our Maple Leaf Parade this last week and was the only Political Float. It was a beautiful float with my two families and our grandchildren on the float. The Parade was in Carthage, Missouri next to Joplin, Missouri. Over 50,000 people attended the parade and Channel 16 Television broadcast the parade from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM. The group putting the float together also gave out information about Dr. Paul.

Scroll down there is a video of the carthage parade

Your grandchildren are the focus of the video.


I live in Ozark Missouri (just south of Springfield) and this totally rocks! Ron Paul all the way!!!

does anybody know where I can contact the local meet-up group?

Peace out!



That's unbelievable. I don't expect we'll ever get coverage like that in Seattle, but we'll keep trying.

Great job!

You can do it

Yes you can - this is the start of the real politcal season and they will be doing this across the country. Just keep pushing - put out press releases from your meetup

Proud to be a member of the 29th meetup in Springfield MO

We are trying to raise enough money to put up 5 billboards in the town of Springfield Missouri. Our meetup is #29 so we have been on this great trip from the beginning. We are under a pretty tight deadline and we need help. Any size contribution is welcome. We are using paypal for donations and have a thermometer on our local web page we have created. donations can be made here.

How do we do it. Evenst like these. Carthage parade video

Events like these. NationalPaint the Town Ron sign hanging event

Great Job guys

Really, what more can I say? If we could do that in every town, we'd have it made.

What did you do to get the news team to pick it up?

Believe it or not.

They went online to find out more about Ron Paul and found our meetup and called our organizer. LOL They were educating themselves. They said they saw or signs all over the place we hung almost 300 signs for Paint the Town Ron event.
Woooo Hooooooo

They contacted us

What we did was just work the area, parades, gun shows, door hanging events, fairs, festivals, lots and lots of signs on peoples front lawns.

Yesterday we had the main paper in Spingfield (around 500,000 circulation) also do a story on us, and I just came back from a smaller bi-weekly conservative paper doing a story on us.


could you post a link to the news article. Was it the news leader?

True Believer

Newspaper article not out yet.

i love it

awesome job guys. i think the only only way i could get notice in iowa is if i did a signwaving nude. lol just kidding, we are workin on something pretty big here too. huge sign blitz coming to the highways near you soon.

If you do this

Get video of it. LOL

Great Job

Great Job you guys. Keep up the good work and let the Ron Paul fever infect all of Missouri.


I like the guy who said the rest are all the same ol, same ol, that they are all bought and payed for. Yeah, Go Ron Paul!!!!

Hello from St. Louis! Nice

Hello from St. Louis!

Nice work!

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awesome - great job!!!

awesome - great job!!!