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HOW TO: Raise three million dollars in one day! (NOT speculation)

Alright, so this whole November 5th thing is really getting huge.

Well, after carefully looking at it, I have determined it will be possible to raise three million dollars that day. Here is the breakdown:

(1) Right now, there are 10,000 subscribers. That's already $1 million.
(2) The project started 6.5 days ago. That's a rate of 1,500 subscribers per day. If we maintain this growth, we will reach 25,000 subscribers. That's another $1.5 million.
(3) For purposes of estimation, I will assume that people who contribute more than $100 will cover the no-shows (although I expect they will exceed them), so we're still at $2.5 million.
(4) The campaign should send out a very tear-bringing, emotional, and powerful e-mail that day (either that, or what worked for Obama's million dollar day: "IF YOU DON'T DONATE, GIULIANI WILL WIN"--I can guarantee you that would get people to donate ;) ), which will boost it by another $200k.
(5) The third Ron Paul moneybomb will bring in an additional $100k.
(6) The momentum will fuel some people to contribute a little extra, leading to the extra $200k over-the-hill bump.

So how do we make sure we achieve this?

(1) Keep spreading November 5th. I can not stress this enough. As you see, (2) is the greatest source of income: the expectation that it will continue to rise at the same rate. Obviously, it will slow down, but I'm hoping that on Nov 4th, people will scramble to contact anyone who could still possibly donate to make sure every possible person is signed up for November 5th, leading in a final surge in number of subscribers which will bring it to 25k.

I will contact the organizer of the November 5th campaign to ask him a favor: he should send out an e-mail one day before the event with a Digg link to Digg up. If we really have over 20k subscribers by that point, there is no way the Digg Bury Brigade will suppress a story with thousands of Diggs in a matter of minutes! :)

(2) Do not skip out! If it turns out you can't donate anymore, unsubscribe (go to one of the e-mails and look at the bottom). It is essential our count is accurate.

(3) Urge the campaign to send out an e-mail that day. Don't send an e-mail to them (they have enough to deal with), but make a call once or twice urging them to send a powerful e-mail that day. I know some people don't like the idea of the campaign sending an e-mail that day, but really, guys...does it matter if the media thinks one e-mail by Ron Paul generated $3 million (the most Obama could do was $2.1mil, in the span of 3 days), or if it's a grassroots effort? Either way, it's extremely good publicity, and I'm sure we won't get any less coverage either way. The media KNOWS that Ron Paul's supporters are dedicated and organized; now let's show Ron Paul is as well! Imagine the fear in the other candidates when they hear that Ron Paul raised $3 million with A SINGLE E-MAIL. If I was Thompson, I'd shit myself. Hell, on November 5th I might shit myself either way.

(4) Keep the Money Bomber team growing!

(5) Urge veterans and army people to subscribe to November 11th. If you think you can get them to sign up for November 5th, that's great! But if not, this will be a lot easier to get them involved, and will ease them up to the idea of donation to Ron Paul; I will send an e-mail to all November 11th subscribers on November 4th urging them to donate to November 5th.

(6) If you know someone in a small, local newspaper or school newspaper, urge them to write a story about "Ron Paul's grassroots," and to dedicate a large portion to November 5th! Not only will this lead to some more subscribers, it will also lead to more Ron Paul exposure in general! :)

(7) If you can contribute more than $100 (even by one dollar), do it! :D

(8) Give as early as possible! This will fuel any Ron Paul supporters who come to the website without having heard of November 5th!

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I think we should aim for half (6 million)

I wrote an email to the guy running the site but have not heard back yet. Here is what I am thinking. We're not gonna get 100,000. It's just not gonna happen. Nor are we gonna hit 10 million. Just not gonna happen either. But this thing seems to have the momentum to accomplish something big. Thus, what should we do? Well, the idea seems to be that we want to raise a ton of money but also, and maybe more importantly, we want to make a ton of noise. We want to get people's attention. So here's what I'm thinking...

If we assume we will be around 3 million come Nov 5th, then we have 9 million to make up. Now if we have around 25,000 people, we should see if we can change our average donation to be between 200 and 250. This would result in a total between 5 and 6 million. The idea is we aim to raise as much in one day as we did the entire 3rd quarter. That should be our goal as it is probably the most newsworthy thing we can create from this. If we do this, then the media coverage would probably be crazy. And then beyond this amount, there shouldn't be a need for much more deliberate action. If we hit around 5 to 6 million then that leaves about 3 million to raise out of the 12 million they are asking and surely the momentum we would create should make getting 3 million over two months a walk in the park.



Remember, Remember,
This 5th of November,
The Patriot Money-Bomb Plot.

Cuz Ron Paul's the reason,
That this campaign season,
We're giving it all that we've got.

Send one hundred dollars,
And tell talk show callers,
To answer Sweet Liberty's call.

Remember, Remember,
This 5th of November,
Give one hundred bucks to Ron Paul.

In Honor of The Constitution,


Don't forget!

to encourage people to donate before the end of October as well!

We need to go over 3 million by then!

Why? well ... Ron Paul will be at the Tonight Show, and if the number isn't high, he might be asked questions like: you had a 4 million dollar goal, but it doesn't look like your supporters were able to meet your expectations. That would NOT sound good! We need to show support BEFORE the end of October.

(On the Fox News Debate interview, he indicated that he thought the campaign would raise 10 million -- if it doesn't start looking like a possibility, he could be slammed. I hope that doesn't happen.)

At least 110,000 per day still needs to be raised if the Paul campaign is to have a decent showing by October 30th. Please donate ASAP. I have.