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The Post Election Phase

For those of you who are now thinking that this endevour is coming to an end, you couldn't be more wrong. The way I see it, Dr. Paul has put himself out there as a target for the Neo-Con and Neo-Libs to attack. He promoted the basic principles of our Constitution and a true conservative message.

He inspired us all.

It is time we do something for ourselves and take on our own fight. We as a group have witnessed how an established GOP party that is well organized and entrenched in the system can manipulate the media and the meaning of the word Conservative.

We must each take it upon ourselves to counter this action. The Religious Right gained power by electing delegates and local party officials in the late 70's and early 80's.

This is our course of action.

If we are all truely supportive of Dr. Paul and the principles he has been the champion for, then we owe it to him to help him change the culture of the GOP. If we start by entrenching ourselves and like minded individuals within the local GOP committees, we can enact the same change within the party so that come 2012, we can actually utilize the positions to promote Liberty.

Now i know that about 80% of the people that support the good Doctor will disappear after he ends his run, so i am pleading with those of you who will still be looking to enact real meaningful change in the party. We need to step up to the plate and take the torch from Dr. Paul and fight our own battles to spread the message. That, as Dr. Paul puts it, is the real reason he has been in this campaign.

First we must become more active within the GOP and not as we were before. We need to take up the domestic issues that have been raised by doctor Paul and promote them to no end. While we all are opposed to the foreign policy of GLOBAL WELFARE, we should down play our opposition to the Wars until we have enabled ourselves to become influential enough to actually change it.

This will be the toughest battle any of us will undertake (aside from a personal family tragedy) for it will be for the long haul. Yes I believe we should fight against the McCain nomination and the election of more Socialist principles, but we must prepare to help Dr. Paul in Congress in 2010. We must be organized even further so that we can be considered an important voter block so that we can then dictate the course of future elections. If we don't we will all be doomed to continue the course into a suppressive government.

Since none of us want that, we should be the ones running the local caucuses and committees. This way we can then dictate the rules of engagement as they have been dictated to us.

We need to take over the system, so as to eliminate the failings of the system. for if we can take up only 10% of the committees we can start pursuing the direction of them towards the ideals we hold dear. For we all know how the message is recieved before we mention Dr. Paul's name and if we subvertly entrench ourselves in the system, they will not be able to mute us as they have in the media. For when we get just 10% of the committees, we can snowball that into growth that will avalanche into a sweeping take over.

Then it will be us that will be able topromote the values we hold dear, in much the same manner the Religious Right had in the 80's and 90's.

If you are interested, please email me at the address below and let me know and then bump this message. Depending upon the reaction, i will sart up a meet up group so as to communicate with each other to acheive our goal of continueing the rEVOLution.

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Another friend in PA

What I've decided to do is:
Put up a site with all our elected officials in our county (delaware), keep a history of the records they've sponsored or blocked and what rights they've violated or supported and how much their policies have cost the taxpayer

Not only government officials, but also school boards. I will be printing a newsletter for each of the districts so they know what's up. The site will be up on www.delcoforliberty.com when it's done.

To find out how we can spread this across pa here's our phone number: 1-800-278-8905. Or e-mail me at runforron@gmail.com

Russell Diamond did a similar thing with PA clean Sweep-This time we're going for every office.

this isn't meant to say quit

It is meant to promote a meetup I started a month ago, The National Revolution which is meant as a national database for networking with other Ron Paul Republicans.

I am on the ballot for the local committeeman position in the GOP along with a few other RP people. we plan on continueing so we can change the party over the long term.

I would also like to congratulte our brothes and sisters in the state of Texas for a great job this weekend.

wish us luck in PA,,,,,

The National Revolution Meet Up

The National Revolution Meet Up

No Way!

It's not the end, it's only the beginning. To paraphrase Ron Paul, "I have my faults, but the message has no fault." The mainstream media can claim as much as it wants Ron Paul's campaign has been a dismal failure, but the truth is it's been nothing other than an outstanding success! It's accomplished more than I ever imagined it could when I first heard Ron Paul threw his hat into the ring on 1/13/07. Six million dollars in one day?! The utter and glorious defeat of media sweetheart Rudy Giuiliani?!

And it's not like we're all going to sit down and forget everything we've learned about the political process. The r3volution is not over, it's only begun, and it's much bigger than Ron Paul or Trevor Lyman or any single one of us! Look at the huge numbers of young people who have joined Ron Paul's ranks! You think they're just going to lie down and give up? They're young! They have energy, vision and idealism on their side!

Our founding fathers acknowleged freedom was an inalienable right, granted to us by nothing more than the fact we are born human beings, and any system of government that denies us our freedom is doomed to failure, because it goes against God and nature. There's hope for America, and that hope is America will remain a sovereign nation!

Why Can't We Multi-Task ......

Why can't we do this and multi-task other simple activities at the same time. Let me be more specific, if you go through all of the trouble to bring a customer into your store, why offer only one product for sale. Why can't we as a group stay more active and push for changes in the platform, try and get more delegates to the convention, support and promote RP type candidates for public office at every level, try and get resolutions passed at the local and state level that follow RP thinking and also, my personal favorite, begin a recall drive on those elected officials that are not standing for re-election in November. I understand that recalls are only legal in 39 states, maybe the other eleven should place measures on Novembers ballot that would change this and allow recall of all public officials. If you take a number of petitions for these types of measures to gain ballot access in the next election into a shoot range, gun store, truck stop, VFW, American Legion, Moose Lodge, Elks lodge or a number of other locations I would bet that most everyone there would want to sign each of these petitions. This way we are just single minded, we are multi-tasking. This type of effort will reap great benefits in a very short period of time.

I fully agree with the

I fully agree with the multi-tasking approach. The delegate campaign is a significant component of the freedom movement but it is only one component.

By doing projects in parallel we can:
1) Increase our chances of individual successes, if we bundle appropriately
2) Make a larger impact, particularly if we choose the right projects
3) Encourage more people to take part because people will have more options to pick a project that is right for them

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

Wonderfully Thought Out Comment

It is good to see a wonderfully thought out comment.

You are correct and you presented important ideas in a thought out format.

Thinking the same thing.

Ruling by prayer
I am in Ohio and have been thinking about this too. Since I am not a Republican [I have been Non-Partisan], and I have disliked politics, it is hard for me to join a group I detest and get involved in activities [politics] I detest. However, I admire Dr. Paul, and he is a Republican and involved in politics. So, being a serious Christian, I am considering if Dr. Paul's example is one I can follow. It would be a big transformation for me to do this, but I have been thinking that many of us have to do this if we want to serve our fellow countrymen. Dr. Paul has been a solo voice in this wicked government. But, if we had many principled men and women like him who would not compromise with evil, we would have an easier road to go. I have not decided just yet.

Ruling by prayer

There's a wide range

But many of us Ron Paul supporters have been abysmally apolitical. I haven't even as much as voted in the presidential electon since 1992, much less attended a caucus! I detest politics too, because it's never made any sense to me, but I am now a State and Congressional delegate for my state and running for a National delegate position, because for the first time in my life I finally realize I can make a difference. Now I know I can always make a difference in politics, even at a lowly local level, by providing a voice for those who only want nothing more than to be left alone by the government!

Alaska has started

a state meetup so they can keep in touch and plan events
after the election is over.
Since so many of us are new to the election process,I'd say we
are doing a fantastic job gaining
delegates,writing planks and
changing the party platform!