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Ron Paul Riders

The Ron Paul Riders started in Santa Monica, California. So far it sounds like it has been quite an adventure. To learn more about the journey and the goal visit their website and read Michael's blog.



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Go rider Go for RON PAUL

i THINK THEY CALL THIS A BUMP. We need to support this.

Dr. Paul 2008

Rider for RON PAUL

Aloha from Hawaii, the home of the awesome rider for RON PAUL, Michael Maresco. Mike beat the heat and smoke of the California fires and kept going on for RON PAUL. Mike walked over 130 miles here on Oahu for RON PAUL and I know he can do this. Please anyone out there close to his route---go out and support him with your energy, food, shelter, finances and prayers. Any meetup groups along the way could make sure he has the flyers and supplies needed as he passes through small towns and talks to those who have yet to hear about our candidate. You will love his spirit and his loyality to the next President of the United States, RON PAUL. Mahalo to all who have already been there for him along the way. We want him back safe and sound and appreciate your help. There are sites you can go on and donate to the cause and read his daily updates. RON PAUL is our champion, Mike is our hero!! We love you Michael. Much Aloha and God protect you.

Dr. Paul 2008

What a great way to bring

What a great way to bring about attention to Ron Paul and to show the level of support he really has. The press will eat it up all along the way.