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Silver Coin Proposal- Jason Hommel

In July of 2005, I sent this Silver Coin Proposal to all 50 governors of the U.S. states. To date, about 15 have responded. Two state officials from Kentucky and Michigan have called me to state that when they are ready, they would like discuss this proposal further.


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Silver coin Proposal

One little question here: Just exactly what or where is the proposal itself? All I see here are circular links with nothing of substance shown or linked.

I would really like to see what his guy is or has proposed, but I can't find it anywhere through the supplied link.

If he is proposing that inidividual states coin silver currency, I really do hope that his proposal specifies that they be made from 90% silver and NOT pure, 99.99% silver, which is far too soft for practical handling --- the current silver eagles will dent badly when dropped onto a counter from just a few inches above, as I have learned to my chagrin but not my great surprise. Striking pure silver "coins" is ludicrous, and millenia of tradition and trial and error should have taught us that.