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Delegates please read, Oklahoma especially...Paging Dr. Steve...

Hello all! If your in Oklahoma and have become a delegate you probably got a letter from a guy running for National Committeeman. In this letter he states that the party is refusing to share names and addresses with or of the delegates. He said that through first hand knowledge this new "rule", is to try and keep us "newbies" from getting to involved. So basically none of us know who is who and what we stand for. This seems to be the parties response to our infiltration of their little CFR pitty-party, not only in Oklahoma but all around the country.

(1) We need a "hush-hush" website where we can all get together and maybe come up with different platforms to run on. Maybe even a keyword or keywords..who knows.

(2) We all decide on various colors of clothing or styles of clothing and go from there..LOL (I have dibs on overalls and an afro wig)

I have to go to bed but this has been bothering me all stinking day and it isn't long until we attack the establishment. Please pitch in any ideas that you have, so we can get on it. We now have the numbers and they are scared out of their minds, or else they wouldn't be cowering in the corner. We have to overcome this "silent treatment" so that we can band together and change the way our party works.

Also, how do you get a speaking part at one of these things? (state conventions). I have a few things I'd like to say. :O)

Peace be with you.


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Get on the radio

Dale. Tell everyone you are speaking about the GOP and go for it.

Discretion Is The Better Part of Valor

(1) We need a "hush-hush" website where we can all get together and maybe come up with different platforms to run on. Maybe even a keyword or keywords..who knows.

I think this idea is something we need to jump on, to support all RP delegates of the various states. Sorry, I have no technical expertise to offer, and wouldn't know the first way to set this up, but our delegates definitely need some way to be able to privately communicate with each other without the threat of "established" (i.e., Party above Principle) eyes peering into those plans.

Communicating here on DP is handy, and it's a great forum, but, it's far from discreet. Those who would shut us out are "on" to the great delegate plan now, and are not inclined to be stopped, even by their own pesky rules, as evidenced by some of the shenanigans reported from Texas this past Sat/Sun.

Naturally, there would need to be some way to validate that those joining the RP delegate message board were indeed RP delegates or alternates, and not trolls or other saboteurs. Once verified, they could then lay out plans, share strategies, set up mock conventions, plan and prepare, without fear of tipping their hand.

If I had the know-how, I'd set it up tonight!!!!

Would you like my suggestion

Would you like my suggestion on this?

Dr. Steve Parent


I am interested in any suggestion that could help people get together to share thoughts, strategies or experiences. If I can help out I will ( don't know much but will do what I can ).

to a person chained in a cave, the shadows on the wall are reality

Well, sure, but...

...I, myself, am but a lowly user. Your great suggestion would be better directed toward those who can differentiate html from e-i-e-i-o, unless your idea involves something that non-computer geeks (like me) can assist with.

How did this new rule pass?

How did this new rule pass?

What do your county and state bylaws state on this matter?

I will also check the RNC CALL for this as well.

Delegate information is supposed to be available to all commiteeman and precinct leaders.

I need my questions answered if you can please.

Dr. Steve Parent

Delegate information is

Delegate information is supposed to be available to all commitee persons and precinct leaders.

I meant to say at the very least.

Dr. Steve Parent

Not really a rule...

Quick enough for you Doc?..LOL

quote from the letter

"My heart is saddened with the recent news that the rules committees of the state's largest county and two largest congressional districts have decided to withhold the names and contact information of our republican delegates from the new members who have joined our party. I have been advised that this was intentionally done to discourage the new republican members from participating in our process in any meaningful way. This conduct is wrong and should be stopped"

What do you make of this?

Unless that is in the bylaws

Unless that is in the bylaws they cant withhold anything or if there was a new resolution however you only had your county conventions right?

Dale email me your phone number to newspaper4paul@hotmail.com

Dr. Steve Parent