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Poll - Should Ron Paul run as an Independent?

Ron Paul constituents a force to reckon with.

Scarborough further noted that if Paul were to run for president as an independent, it "would be really bad news for the Republicans." He then seemed to think better of his earlier remark about Paul's colleagues considering him crazy, concluding, "He's an extremely impressive man, he's brilliant ... and everybody's excited about this guy."

Should Ron Paul run as an Independent?



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No! He should run as a Republican, and WIN!!!

This is the strategy. This is the party of the man we are campaigning for. I intend to help hold this line. Win or lose, we make a stand this primary, and do it again in the General when we get there. There's no other way to treat it.

No Way

People who think RP should run as a 3rd party candidate have to ask where would the support for such a run come from? The LPs will have a candidate, even if RP gets their nod the LP has very little support. When was the last time you show a LP run a serious campaign for President? The anti-war left? They do disagree with Clinton on the war but they disagree with Paul on most of the other issues. They won't abandon Clinton because of the war. The left knows that Clinton will further their program for socialist medicine and their other issues. They won't risk electing a Republican because of 1 issue. The anti-war right? If they can't get Paul the GOP nomination why do you think they can win him the general election? Also, why would they risk electing Hillary because of the war? The GOP candidate will agree with them on most things, why would they throw that away for Paul? The great unwashed center? They'll only vote for candidates that they thing have a chance of winning. When is the last time a 3rd party candidate won? When is the last time a 3rd party candidate carried 1 state? (The answer to that question was 40 years ago George Wallace took 5 states all in the deep south.) Where would Paul get the $100,000,000 that such a run would cost? If you find the Dem and GOP candidate unacceptable vote for the LP or other 3rd party candidate. As I said in a previous post 3rd party candidates spend all their time fighting for ballot access. They don't have much time to spread their message. They aren't invited to debates with the major candidates and they get even less attention than Paul is getting. Why should Paul give up his seat in congress for such a run? I know many of you disagree but I'm not willing to give up my voice in congress for a hopeless 3rd party run.

We all know RP should run as

We all know RP should run as the 3rd party, if primaries will be unsuccesful.
However, I ask you people to stop asking this question now.
Leave it for later.
Don't spend your precious time to drill this useless subject and promote Our Hero.

3rd party


If Paul loses the primaries -- we need him too run as a third party. The day after he loses the primaries, the Constiution will still be hanging by a thread. If not Paul, then we need someone else.

We may have a perfect storm for a 3rd party run. With the tanking of the economy, the war with Iran, and higher KIAs, this time; thime people may have had enough.

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Ron Paul has answered the question, "will you run as an independent?" "NO" so many times that to go back on it would cause him to appear dishonest, which of course he is not. He would also run the risk of being perceived as the third party candidate that divided the republican party in 2008 and caused Hillary Clinton to be elected, much like Ralph Nader has been blamed for dividing the democratic party and allowing George W. Bush's victory. Third party candidates are rarely invited to debates and don't win elections.

I don't even want to think about Ron Paul not getting the republican nomination, but if he doesn't, let's let him continue his work in Congress with dignity. Please, let's not even discuss this unless Ron Paul doesn't get the republican nod.

third rail

This is nothing but a diversionary tactic to try to get people to view Ron as something/anything but the Republican nominee. What Scarborough should have been saying is the RNC darn well better make sure he is the nominee or they will lose big in 2008. We have them on the ropes and they know it I mean just yesterday Ghouliani made a desperation campaign move by stating he would come down hard on illegal immigrants! All the talking points now are being siphoned from our platform so we don't need to consider an independent run because Ron is going to win!!!


What is the point? In the current system there is ZERO possibility of anyone from third party being elected to White House.

From GOP Ron Paul has a REAL good possibility to be elected President in 2008. I reallly don't understand what is the point to be promoting giving up Ron Paul in White House.

Should Ron Paul run as an Independent?

Of course he should.

As part of the Unity 08 ticket.



What's the purpose?

Ron Paul is 72 years old. He ran as a 3rd party candidate 20 years ago and got about 1/2 of 1% of the vote. A 3rd party campaign spends most of its time and resources fighting to get on the ballot. A 3rd party candidate has 0 chance of being invited to a debate with the major party candidates. If he runs as a 3rd party candidate for president he can't run as the Republican candidate for congress. Given the above what would be the purpose of such a campaign? Why would you ask our hero to put himself through that?

I got a poll....Should the

I got a poll....Should the GOP be for Limited Govt...
nice try PollM


Stop belittling Dr. Paul's campaign. You are adding fuel to the fire. He is a republican and he said he won't run as third party. Its bad enough that MSM asks this question to belittle his chances for GOP nomination to see it here. He already stated if American people choose not to elected him as GOP, he won't run as 3rd party, our loss. Its up to us to elect him, not for him to bend over every which way.

That's not correct.

He never said that he won't run as third party.

He always said that he has no plans to.

Ron Paul is an intelligent man.

So he knows how to pick his words accurately, to keep some doors open.

Plans change. Especially if the circumstance dictates a need for a new plan.


We need to be true to Ron

We need to be true to Ron Paul the Candidate and his message NOT the Party. This Republican Party has not been true to Ron Paul, and that is the truth.
I for one will vote for Ron no matter what party he runs under.
Be Prepared and not blind.

If all of you are true Ron Paul supporters you would vote for him no matter what Party he belongs to. I hope that's where your loyalty lies.

And stop saying stop it, just like kids, GROW UP and begin developing a strategy in your mind. Think past your noses.


The Republican Party has been true to Ron Paul?

Give me a break.

I give Ron Paul the loyalty that he deserves.

Not the Party that he is currently registered under.

Which is always subject to change.



And quit talking about it.

He's in it to win it.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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He will win as a Republican!

It's bad enough that he has

It's bad enough that he has to be asked this question at every interview. We don't need to ask it here. If he doesn't get the nomination, it's all over. For him. And for all of us, too.


See my reply above.

Ron Paul has never said that he won't run as a third party candidate.

He said that he has no plans to.

Ever change you plans, if the circumstance required it?

He's just as able to do that too.



As of this post, I voted no, the results are EXACTLY 50/50!
24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

Turn the Question around

When Ron Gets asked..... "Would you support the GOP nominee?"

I wish he would say,

"Well here is what I would like to know. Should I become the nominee, will Rudy, Mitt, Fred, John, & Mike support me?

Get back to me on that I will let you know." Then Smile.

When he gets asked, "Why are you not polling well in the scientific polls?"

I wish he would say:

"I will leave the journalists to investigate that strange number. As you know very well I have won over 30 GOP Straw Polls nationwide and I have won each televised debate poll of over 35,000 viewers. So I am hoping some real journalist will investigate these small 500 person polls to find out whats going on there. Perhaps those random small polls really only test for name recognition and little else. I will leave that matter to the journalists to investigate the real story there."

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Democrats keep bringing this up

This is not a question to even be asking. It is just a distraction from the building momentum.

1) He can win the Republican nomination

2) He can decide to run as an Independent later if he doesn't win

3) Democrats want him to make it easier for them to win like Ross Perot did.

Ron Paul gets 2 minute interviews on the news networks and apparently the interviewer did 30 seconds of research before having him on. Then they waste 25% of the time on this same worthless question. Oh, and the equally bogus question, "Ron Paul, would you support one of the other self-serving, numbskull candidates that oppose everything you have stood for the past 30 years if you don't get the nomination?"

Definitely NOT

That would ruin his chances and spoil the election, one of the first things that drew me to Dr Paul is his republican affiliation. Time to get the trash out of Washington! Ron Paul 2008!!

I think what draws people to

I think what draws people to Ron is his message not the fact that he's a Republican.



Glad someone else feels that way too.



guys the powers that be are trying to get Ron Paul to say he'll run third party.. they are so afraid of this man its funny.. NO THIRD PARTY BID.. TAKE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BACK TO ITS ROOTS AND KICK THE NEOCON DEMOCRATS BACK TO THIER OWN PARTY!

I agree. Hell no.

I was there, working for and then voting for Dr. Paul, in 1988. I spent the past 2 DECADES bitching about ballot access laws. Nobody listened, and everyone told me to shut up despite the fact that they're blatantly-unfair to America and tend to make the legacy duopoly-parties even more fat, dumb, and happy than they'd ordinarily-be.

This year, I changed tactics the moment I heard Dr. Paul was running. Now, the major-party people get to bitch, and libertarians like me get to ignore (or worse...I'm not a nice person sometimes!) them. I like this situation MUCH better. :)

People need to face the fact that Dr. Paul has been and is a Republican. Back when libertarians were strong in the Republican party they used to win elections more. Want third parties to be an option IN THE FUTURE? Then work with me over the next few years, once I have time to work for ballot access fairness again. But for the moment, whether anyone likes it or not, I'm supporting Republican-not-Libertarian Ron Paul.

Right now, the unfair ballot laws are -- finally -- benefiting ME. And I'm ignoring them just like my detractors used-to ignore me. The irony-factor alone is wonderful, and would be fun even if we weren't making such wonderful progress. :) All we need to do is persist.


Despite what you hear in the press, Ron has stated many times he won't do this. They are already trying to spin him as a spoiler...that's the last thing he wasnts. HE IS A REPUBLICAN. Work with me!

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First Republican, Then Something Else

Given that RP's already committed himself as a Republican, I think he should make the best effort he can to actually WIN the Republican nomination. Both state and federal election laws make it difficult to impossible for anyone other than Democrats or Republicans to participate in the electoral process (inexcusable, but unfortunately that's the reality we have to deal with at the moment). As long as he runs as a Republican, he can take advantage of the system as it exists and milk it for all it's worth.

That being said, I would feel awfully let down if, having failed to be nominated, he just rode off into the sunset and faded from history. Whether he likes it or not, RP has awakened a sleeping giant and set in motion something that is not likely to go away. HE OWES IT TO HIS SUPPORTERS TO RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT OR THIRD-PARTY CANDIDATE IF THE ESTABLISHMENT PREVENTS HIM FROM TAKING THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION.

The very future of our country is at stake. We have to play for keeps this election, because there may not be another chance to take our country back. Our loyalty to the Constitution must supersede any loyalty to one party, regardless of the ill will that such a run might engender.

As I just said, an independent or third-party run will be awfully difficult. (Those of you in Oklahoma, Illinois and a few other states may find it impossible due to the fascistic laws in those jurisdictions). Consequently, if it becomes apparent early on that RP is NOT going to get the GOP nod, he (and we) need to start working on an independent/third-party course ASAP.


Here is a good man with a

Here is a good man with a BRAIN on his shoulder.