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Enough Tonight Show flowers

At current count we have ordered more than 50 flower items to send to the tonight show. I believe this is sufficient to meet what we were trying to do.

It's a great idea, but Ron is going on plenty of different programs. It would be good to send the love around. This would make it more likely that other programs would have him back as a guest.

Also, our fundraising efforts are sort of languishing this week. With more than 50 bouquets sent out, it might be good to ask, what purpose is this particular purchase serving, and how can I make the best use my resources to help Dr. Paul

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I see I'm outnumbered.

Well, I can see I'm clearly outnumbered here, but I would mention that this is our third worst day of the quarter. I've tossed in 25 to help out, but i'm still a little worried we're getting outpaced

Not Enough Flowers

Sorry, you're just wrong. We're not in this to do things mediocre. We should have at least 1 bouquet from each meetup group.

Thousands needed

to make a big impression. A good way to spend money.

Bob W., Naples, FL

You miss the point

This isn't about doing things the same old way. This isn't about the same old tired garbage spewing forth from candidates. This is about a sea change in politics, a paradigm shift away from the mundane. We do this to show that we are vibrant, alive, and are creating new and diverse ways to spread this message. We do this to tell our country, "WAKE UP!". We do this to say that this message is handed down from the founders of this country and it is a message that is alive and well with its citizens. Our forefathers stood with muskets at the Lexington commons against the military might of the British Empire, we stand with flowers at the Tonight Show against the entrenched elites of a statist government - gotta love it. Vive la revolution.

This is a good

use of resources. Very little money has been used for this, actually, and it will pay off. I disagree that 50 is enough to make the point. Personally, I contribute to the campaign, too, so this is just another contribution, above and beyond the campaign, and it shows what type of people Ron Paul supporters are. Very different than past campaigns! Believe me.

I agree

I don't think fifty is even close to enough to make a splash. And, this is something the campaign can't do since it wouldn't have the same effect.


It would be nice to send the flowers ahead of time, so that Jay can mention it on the air. But it would have to be an impressive amount. I'm not sure if he even gets to see or hear about such things. May be his managers don't even bother. I'm sure he gets a ton of flowers every day.

It won't hurt and its not too expensive. Good idea.

I asked the florist

when they would be delivering, and she said if they have a lot, they may start delivering as early as 1 PM. The show tapes at 4 PM.

Nice statement

Its a nice statement to say. It says ~ Ron Paul supporters are not some lunatic fringe internet group. Only nice people send flowers.... well unless your a stalker.... But anyways, its a nice gesture. Peace not War. ;)

I appreciate what you're

I appreciate what you're saying, and I certainly understand the point. To that end, I think any way people want to give up their money for the campaign is a good deal.