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McCain announces his choice for VP Condolezza Rice :Lighten up

Presumed Republican Presidential nominee John McCain in a stunning move announced his choice of running mate for the office of Vice President. “Condoleeza Rice will surely fill the needs both the nation and the Republican Party while one upping those headline grabbing Democrats” McCain stated as he prepared to kick off his “Biography Tour” in Biloxi Missisippi. “How smart am I?” asked the Republican contender, referring to the combination of a woman and an African American all in one package.
Republican National Chairman Robert M. “Mike” Duncan stated “ If those guys on the other side think they can get headlines, well than we’re the ones to show them how to really do it.”. McCain then brushed aside questions about the airing of the commercial launching off his tour which has flames in the background. When asked by a reporter if the flames had anything to do with the fire his plane caused on the USS Forrestal nearly destroying it and costing many lives McCain angrily responded, “Look, I had a father and a grandfather both as Admirals in the Navy. If I were responsible for that don’t you think it would have been fully investigated and all the facts would have been made public?” Duncan quickly escorted Mr.McCain off the stage as our future Commander in Chief angrily stamped his foot and demanded to know where the reporter who asked the question had hidden his rubber ducky.

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If it wasn't, it would be all over the MSM and the rest of the galaxy.

John R. Ellis
"Citizen for Freedom"

He only picked Condi Rice

He only picked Condi Rice because she's about to have his baby.... :)






is an Asian grain, and McCain, economic genius that he is, would never choose a running mate that would jeopardize his 25% majority. Most likely, he will choose an American nut such as Huck or Romney.

I thought

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Wasn't there an artical about McCain running with Romney?

Also, if his father and grandfather were admirals in the navy, wouldn't the incident have been covered up to make the family not look bad?

I thought

I thought that was what I read too. McCain and Romney.


I agree

There is no way.


There are actually a number of articles about the possibility of a McCain/Rice ticket. So, although McCain has not chosen anyone yet, he could choose Rice.

McCain would definitely need a handler

much like Bush needs Cheney, or just like the illuminati bankster MFs need Bush and Cheney. I agree though, looks like an April Fool thread.

Please Cite

I think this is an April Fools joke.