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Cint Eastwood for President?!?!

I was reading on my favorite libertarian site www.lewrockwell.com , and Jom Stockwell said that he thinks the Libertarian Party should put forth a famous celebrity-type as a nominee for prez...


He mentioned Larry the Cable Guy. Not sure if that's a joke or not, but it got me thinking...

Are there any famous libertarians?

That led me to this site...


What about Clint Eastwood? Or Kurt Russell?

It's a shame we have to think about such things... since most people can't recognize a good candidate for president when they see one (Dr. Paul). But what if we had a leader who had the same principles... but someone who had the name recognition that Clint Eastwood has??

Can you imagine? Dirty Harry as our president?



Arnold is the governor of Cali. And he's no Clint Eastwood... I assure you.

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Jessie Ventura

He's on CNN Larry King tonight. RP is on opposite on Glen Beck. Go figure. ;-). At least we have YouTube.


He's just too old at this point. He's relaxed and semi-retired. Running for office is a grueling and exhaustive ordeal.

I do like the idea of a well-known, non-politician running though! Drew Carey?