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Americans losing control to the FED is like a slow rising tide over many decades!

Americans losing control to the FED is like a slow rising tide over a long period of time! If you are standing in a stream that rises only a milimeter per day, it's hard to notice the change.

The first generation is only angle deep, the second knee-deep, then waist deep and before you know it, it's too late for many. Educating people to this incremental loss of control, is at the heart of the RP revolution!

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The general apathy is beyond belief!

Here's a response to an email I sent out to everyone about the Fed taking more control on Monday. (out of 47 emails this was my only response)

Re: Thomas Jefferson warned us this would happen (this starts tomorrow)

Long ago 1970 something someone gave me this book to read : "The Planned Destruction of America" by James Wardner. I learned the IRS is a private agency not a federal agency and amazing things that have happened since the stage was set in the 40's by a handful of bankers including Rockerfeller. I remember the openning page so well a quote by Rockerfeller ( i don't remember word for word) Let me control a nation's currency and I care not who writes it's laws or I will tell you who writes its laws. I highly recommend you get this book. Its a eye openner for sure. Hope all is well in your world... I am having a blast in wow game.

Ok, so for 30 years some have known what I've recently started learning, not only have some of these people not done anything about it, not even raising public awareness, they've continued to vote for the very people that are involved and the last lines a cooker... I'm having a blast in WOW game (World of Warcraft)

Ok, I get it.... "This is old news, don't bore me with it I'm having too much fun in the land of virtual reality!"

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm having an April fool epiphany

People become interested and angry when they

become educated. When they understand the problems that their children face if nothing is done, then they want to warn everyone.

That is really evident in the RP community, they are die hard RP because they have become educated and once the lights come on, there is no turning back.


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"A person in a slowly heated bath will boil alive before they know what is going on." (possibly paraphrased) I can't remember the source. I think it is either from the first section of "Angels in America" or from "The Handmaid's Tale".

Just like the frog

in water brought to a boil-