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Ron Paul: The Liberal Republicans' Choice?

You've no doubt heard by now that Ron Paul placed fourth in the prestigious New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll, with 7.4%.

The breakdown of the numbers reveals some startling data:

Ron Paul gets 44% of GOP voters who consider themselves "liberal." He gets only 6% of conservatives, and 5% of moderates. Of course, "libertarian" is not a choice, so voters who consider themselves libertarian would have to choose one of the three (or none) and some may have chosen "liberal."

Other interesting data from the poll:

Ron Paul gets 15% of those who listed their religion as "other," "none," or "refused." He only gets 5% each from those identifying as Catholic or Protestant.

Ron Paul gets 11% of those GOP voters who said Iraq is the most important problem facing the nation, and only 2% of those who said terrorism and homeland security are the top issue. He gets 9% from those who list the economy as the top issue.

There is also a geographic spike, but I don't know New Hampshire. He gets 11% in the Lakes Region, and 5-7% elsewhere.

Check the details.

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Bump Tim In the MILITARY?


In the MILITARY? Join my Meet-Up group

I still think

these polls are not very accurate & the actual vote will be MUCH, MUCH higher.

You know, the usual issues with these polls not including people with cell phones, or if mailed not including people who didn't vote last time (eg college students who were too young in 2004, people who were fed up with the lack of quality candidates, etc). The fact that he is up to 7.4% in this poll, even with all those who are likely excluded, means his popularity is increasing in leaps & bounds!

Just have to keep getting the word out.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

por que why?

I don't like all this political labeling! Blah! He is simply the only one that makes any sense, and you gotta be a fool not to realize this! I was never interested in politics before Dr. Paul showed up. I basically had no opinions about anything because nothing made sense to me, in the media or in Washington. Everything was nonsensical and very misleading. So I was neither a liberal nor conservative, and I still see myself that way. I hate political labeling because there are so many different issues to look at, these words become misleading and dangerously influential. NEIN!

What kind of math are they using?

Maybe I just don't get it, but I can't see how they came up with those numbers. Not one column in the poll adds up to 100%

Ron Paul is my hero :)

People are used to that by now...

From all the dishonest polls on TV. Not-displaying Dr. Paul's name is more important to "journalists" than reporting honest results, as already proven by Fox "News."

Maybe we're just not classifiable

I'm only a "Republican" because I registered as one so I can vote for Paul in the primary. But then I'm not a Democrat either, as I don't favor socialism, illegal immigration, or government enforced racial discrimination (a.k.a. "affirmative action"). On fiscal policy both parties are hopeless -- tax and spend (Democrats) or borrow and spend (Republicans). On foreign policy both parties seem to accept the notion that it is our country's job to play world cop. Ron Paul is attracting a lot of people who have no place else to go.

Hi BobW!

I love that answer! I`ve got to blog it!

"Ron Paul is attracting a lot of people who have no place else to go."

As a German citizen living in Munich, Bavaria, I`m so desperately longing for real liberty, that I know of no politician worth my simpathy and energy more than that old doctor from Texas. And by doing as much as a "meaningless" individual from abroad can do promoting a foreign longshot republican abroad and telling my german friends, who have never heard of him, that that guy could be the single most "big hope" for what we used to dream of: peace in the world - I meet the craziest, warmest, most diverse, energized, humorus, gentle, toughtfull, respectfull, tolerant (!) bunch of people on earth: the brillant wrighters and commentators of dailypaul.com.

You guys are the best. It is an honour as a fellow human being and concerned citizen of the world to witness your efforts.

Thank you!


Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

I have a feeling

Call it optimism or whatever, I just have a gut feeling that RP is gonna explode up there in NH. This might be a "real" poll, but I have learned to be so jaded towards polls at this point that I hardly pay any of them any mind anymore.

Jane has the pulse up there and I'm just feeling good vibes from up there.

they are very active in pursuing liberty

so I think you are right!

I hope the meetup groups over there are getting the word out... I hear they are working VERY hard!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Maybe those are the people

Maybe those are the people who would never have voted Republican if not for RP. If you usually vote Democrat, but RP won you over, you'd probably call yourself a liberal Republican.

I'd say no..

I doubt he is the choice of 'liberal' republicans. They are called RINOs and most of them support Rudy, Mitt or McCain. Those who 'think' they are true conservatives often tout Thompson or McCain and the others just make excuses for 'who can get elected'. I will tell you there are some really good people who have surprised me and disappointed me by supporting Mitt or Rudy. All I can say is, I'm glad they behave like true conservatives in their own positions, but why do they vote for these types? I keep telling them, if you want someone to win, you must vote for them.

As for the demographics, there are more 'old time' republicans in that area so it shows up as a higher percentage. But down in the southern NH area, where there is a higher concentration of people, you'll find more indies voting for him that were NOT counted.

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