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Two systems running parallel

This is the cover of Bouvier's Law Dictionary. It openly claims that there is a United States of America, and a union of states. Two independent systems.



I think expatriation is the only way out of this mess!!

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Thanks for the links.

I learn allot from these things. I had already seen the one from teamlaw, but the one on unjustmedia was very good and I am going to make my son watch it as one of his school assignments. I wish I had understood this better when I was a kid. Thanks again.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Take the time to listen to

Take the time to listen to these two interviews on First Amendment Radio with the Trustee of Team Law. It is very enlightening.


Everyone should listen to this.



Do you mean


Here's another

article. You can click on any of the articles at the end and read those as well.


Here is

an article on the issue.


Also, the process which I have done to come out of the de facto system is covered in The Red Amendment.


Check out:

Thank you

I'll do some research.

You were successful? Can I find information about preventing a soon to be newborn from being incorporated into the system at birth in one of these sources?

More importantly...

Have you researched vaccines? PLEASE do so if you haven't. This may be more important than not having your baby in the system.

Do not sign

anything in the hospital. No birth certificate, no social security card. All you need is a certificate of birth which you can obtain through a church. I know at hisholychurch.com they have one there, so you can get an idea.

And yes, we were successful. Did the process almost 3 years ago. Still dealing with some issues regarding traveling. Besides that all has been smooth sailing.

Also, I was reading somewhere that if you don't name the baby, or tell them you haven't named the baby, before you leave the hospital then they can not make you sign anything. There are lots of religions that don't name infants until so many days after birth.
They receive money for every birth they register, so sometimes they can be persistent about it. Hey if this works, I'm all for it. Anything to keep that baby from becoming state property. I have 4 children, and trust me it's a lot easier to take care of this at birth than to try to fix it after you've signed all those documents.

My Straw Man

I have been researching this now for about 3 weeks and have been amazed at the evidence and arguments supporting these claims. Notice, I said “claims” because I am not yet convinced. I have just begun to scratch the surface. Here is a good website that compares the two systems side-by-side.


Maybe you can help point me in the right direction.

The strawman theory, as well

The strawman theory, as well as the UCC-1 filing, has been debunked. You can read about it here: http://teamlaw.org/Mythology.htm


I got this video link from the link that you posted.
He is right on! Who is this preacher? When was this filmed?
Are these people for Ron Paul?

government of the people, by the people, for the people

The preacher you

are talking about is Rod Parsley. He is a Mccain supporter. Totally pro war. He is sold out, although he is right on. Google his name and see for yourself.


Strange world indeed.

Thank you for the info.

government of the people, by the people, for the people


don't get too caught up in the straw man philosophy, as you CAN NOT participate in both systems as they would have you believe.

I suppose that I am no that

I suppose that I am no that far into it because I am under the impression that you can either choose to remain under the Corporate rule as a UNITED STATES citizen, or, you can be a Citizen of the united States of America. The Citizen is a sovereign being that is completely responsible for his self and has his unalienable rights secured by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Unlike the citizen which has "privileges".

Like I said, I am very new to this and am looking for information…



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