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Re:"No One is Leading."

I actually got an email back from the guy who wrote the artical that was posted here a few days ago. Here is the email I got back:

This is in response to your email after having read my article, "No One is Leading."

First of all thank you for taking the time to write. I see by the responses that I got
that I was not entirely successful in stating my case. If you read my article
carefully you will see that while the title says that no one is leading, the real message
is that no one is following. Of course, when addressing the public at large, it is not
really possible to say something that is true for every reader. I stated a generalization.

The points I was trying to make were:

1. We have not found a leader that fills three requisites: a) they are independent thinkers
who are honorable to their oath of office; b) they are willing and able to defend the
Constitution with all the energy they can muster as they promised they would do; and
c) they have the respect and following of a great many Americans who are willing to follow
their lead. Currently I know of no one who qualifies in all three.

2. This is not a statement about the lack of leaders. It is a statement about the lack of
conscious Americans who are themselves committed to defending the Constitution and
are determined to find a leader who is likewise committed with whom they personally are
willing to stand and fight. What we see instead is a complacent America that is willing to
vote for one of two major party candidates even if neither of them is qualified for the job...
i.e., Americans are "brainwashed" into thinking and accepting that they have to accept
one of those two candidates because they have no other choice. In fact, they do have a
choice. They just haven't been willing to demand it or work for it.

In any event, I can see by the email I received that there are candidates or potential candidates
who still have their patriotism and honor in tact and would be qualified for the job of leading this
nation away from the corrupt governance we now have to something worthy and honorable.
And there are indeed some citizens who are determined to stand with such leaders... the
question is, where is everyone else? Those are the people to whom my commentary was

Having said that, I am generally aware of the views of Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney,
Mike Gravel, and others who have either dropped out and/or who don't have national name recognition.
I don't doubt the sincerity of any of these individuals. Personally, I could not support
any candidate who has not made a case for, and pressed the case for, the impeachment of
Bush, Cheney and others. Any defender of the Constitution would have by now identified and
spoken out against the many crimes that have been committed and the many insults to
our Democracy and basic human rights that made our nation great when so many of our citizens
were willing to stand up and defend truth, honor, integrity, and basic human decency.

I have written extensively about these things and why it's important to hold accountable those
who have soiled our sacred values and ideals. Some leaders are better equipped than others to speak
truth to power and also to muster the courage to face those powerful forces with determination,
force, and honor.

In any case, the point of my commentary was that most Americans are so far not prepared
right now to recognize or stand with such a person... and that I believe does not bode well for
our culture or our country.

You apparently are one of those who is ready to stand with someone who you believe would
defend our heritage and take us where we need to go. I find your commitment to be a hopeful