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The Fed: Lew Rockwell on air with Charles Goyette (4/1)

Excellent 25 min. radio interview (4/1/08) about the Fed, its secrecy, the elites who created and perpetuate it and much more:
Very illuminating: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/020311.html
Give it a listen, please - you will not be disappointed.

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Before/during the broadcast

I tuned in (and out!) before/until Lew came on (no indication of his appearance on their schedule *at all*).

What I heard was ridicule about CNN having non-stop *economy* pieces. Ridicule? How many of our threads on DP are about the economy right now?

The true irony was the commercial break within Lew's interview. It went to a paid commercial from the realtor's association about why it's time to *buy* a home, now: For long-term wealth building!

Pardon my hysterics!