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Army lying to recruits?

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They need

to start paying in gallons of fuel. Maybe 500 gallons a month base pay.

Maybe the army

recruiters suck...but the recruiters who listed my son in the Navy were wonderful!

They listened to my concerns as a parent and gave my son the perfect area for his field job...They also call me to check and see how I am doing and how he is..

As far as I'm concerned the Navy is first class!

I can confirm what Kat is saying.

My Daughter was in the high school ROTC program. The program at her school was sponsored by the Air Force. Once she made up her mind to enlist, we visited the AF recruiters office. What a disapointment that was. One female recruiter did nothing but brag about while being stationed in Afganastan all she id was party with the Brits, she was embarrasing. The male recruiter was so timid and un organized he to was embarrasing. My daughter told me "Dad, I am so embarrased to have even brought you down here". So I suggested we go visit the other branches. Army and Marines were like hungry wolf used car salesman. We did not have a Coast Gaurd office in our town, so our last visit was the NAVY office.

What a difference! There were a dozen guys and gals in there. 4 or 5 recruiters, the rest were just visiting on leave. We asked very definate questions, and recieved very definate answers. We enlightened greatly about the jobs she thought she was interested in. They were great. My daughter now enjoys a great career, and the only issues I hear about is petty beaurocrocy. She has tested the system for efforts vs. rewards, and it does reward for effort.

When the Iraq war first broke out

I was rollerblading down a main street at a pretty good speed. A crappy car going the opposite way made an illegal u-turn and pulled up in front of me blocking my path. It was an army recruiter. He tried talking me into signing and I told him I couldn't afford my house payments on a soldiers salary plus with my education, it would be kind of a waste of my education and earning power to be a soldier (not to mention my personal safety, my sanity, my personal philosophy, my oppinion which has not changed since prior to the Iraq war, my freedom, and my quality of life). He promised on the spot to suspend my financial obligations and start me off as some kind of officer with a higher base salary because I had a college education. Then, while trying to blow him off I told him I would discuss it with my wife. At that point he asked whether or not I was a coward! I took his contact card to get him off my back and get on my way. When I arrived home and told my wife what happened she took the card, tore it up and flushed it down the toilet. I love my wife. =)

Yeah, they told me F.T.A.

Yeah, they told me F.T.A. (fun,travel and adventure). Later on I found out the joke was on me, F.T.A. really meant, fuck the army

Recruiters are like

used car salesman. Knew a lot of them. If you are too stupid to realize that then you should be allowed to join anyway. Whats up with everyone joining military an expecting some civilian lifestyles? You join to contribute not to take.

what a fool

“She’s gentle. She wouldn’t even kill a bug,” he said.

Armies train warriors and killers. Did she really think she was joining something less? Yikes.

Since Adam was a lad

Almost everyone I knew that went into the military was told they would be something they were very interested in, but wound up doing what they were told, not what they had been told.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.