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Stay hopeful!!

See below, from a reader comment at http://www.nolanchart.com/article3063.html:

"I want to clarify something around this whole assumption on the part of the media that McCain has somehow "sealed" the nomination. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I'm quite certain the National Media, the GOP Leadership and John McCain himself understand this very well but for some reason fail to acknowlege (or take the opportunity to educate) voters on the process for nominating a candidate within the Republican party. So, I will educate them here for you. The nominee is determined by THE PARTY... not the votes of the "people". The votes of the people only HOPE TO INFLUENCE the votes of the delegates, who, in many states, can vote for whomever they want as their party's nominee. Yes, some states "bind" their delegates to support the candidate who receives the popular vote in the primary, but many others do not. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE for McCain to claim that he has 1200+ delegate votes. Many STATE conventions have not even taken place yet much less the national convention which, of course isn't held until September. It is ONLY AT THE NATIONAL CONVENTION that the delegates cast their votes for THEIR choice as the party's nominee. If McCain thinks he has the needed support of more than 1190 of those delegates, he is sorely, sorely mistaken. The GOP largely HATES McCain and will not support him for the nomination. With all other candidates dropping out of the race, this leaves only Paul, McCain and technically Romney (because he only "suspended" his campaign) left to fight over delegate votes AT THE CONVENTION. In Texas, I know that in my precinct convention, and many others across the state as well, we passed many "pro Paul" resolutions... one of which was a vote of no confidence in McCain. There is a very real undercurrent of dislike for McCain and when he shows up in September expecting to just walk up on stage and just accept the nomination by default, he is going to get a rude awakening. (Of course McCain already knows everything I just told you... but, like the media is simply refusing to acknowledge the truth... very few people actually support him and he absolutely DOES NOT have the nomination wrapped up.) ATTENTION RON PAUL SUPPORTERS!! This fight is NOT over... not even close!! Stay strong, stay active, stay involved and do not lose hope. Turn off your damn televisions and put down your newspapers. There is no truth spoken in either one. McCain has NOT won... President Bush's endorsement is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS. Just because CNN says it doesn't make it true. The GOP Party Rules are very clear and we absolutely WILL have a voice at the national convention, and a very LOUD one at that."

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good words ... this is true

peace and love

Ron Paul 2008 :)

"Universal Truth Is Not Measured In Mass Appeal" - Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch.

Can you confirm or dispel a rumor?

I was told there are a variety of criteria that will get Ron Paul a place to speak at the convention. One of those criteria is the win the popluar vote in one state. Can anyone tell me if that is true or not? Thanks.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Well said and i see many

Well said and i see many other are starting to get it as well.

Here is my link to how the delegate process works here : http://www.dailypaul.com/node/42901#comment-416268

Your link doesn't work.

Dr. Steve Parent

And let's not forget McCain

And let's not forget McCain has violated finance election law. The way I see it, he is screwed either way. He wants to opt out of pubic financing, however, if he is allowed to do that, we need to challenge his right to the delegates from the states where the requirement for signatures to place him on the ballot were waived because he had accepted public financing. If he is allowed to opt out of the matching funds, he has violated the campaign spending cap by about 5 million already.We can not let this pass at our conventions. We need to hold him to his own laws.