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Have public schools been turned into Training Camps for professional sports teams?

It seems to me that if you look at the priorites and where public schools spend the most money, they have incrementally over time become primarily training schools for professional sports teams.

Therefore, it's really no wonder that students are so ignorant of the constitution and American history.

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OK, I am trying to refrain from saying, "Duhhhh."

Absolutely. The elitists with whom we are "working" are master, past master propagandists. It would probably serve us well to begin using some of their techniques, as, I might add, we were instructed to do to a limited degree in our conventions.

It is shocking to me how really great they are at manipulating, which is the same as using propaganda. It is incredible if you look at it. I heard when I was very young that communists would take us over from the inside, starting with our schools. There ya go. That is what happened. Then our government, our media, our papers, our radio. They control what goes into our heads and also by what we eat. I also heard when I was young that sugar was part of the propaganda method infiltrating the United States and that our wealth made us more subject to it. Patience, determination, master plans that span generations and eternity. How are we going to stand totally alone as a Republic again when we first have to throw off the very Americans who are taking over the world. They are part of us. We will have to pluck out our eye. Our relatives, our leaders, our children in some cases. Can we do it? Should we do it? Otherwise, our master plan needs to be bigger and better and longer than theirs. And we have to KNOW our enemy.