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Is hacking on the Daily Paul still happening?

Something strange is going on again here at the Daily Paul today. I made several posts over the previous hour (12:00 noon -1:00 PM Alaska Time), and now ALL of them have been deleted, as well as ALL the posts under several Active Forum Topics! None of these posts or topics were offensive in any way.

Does anyone know what just happened here? Is OneViceofTreason still wreaking his mischief, or has some new attack started against us?

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A Glitch?

Haven't seen much trolling since Onevoice debacle

I did have to log in today..and thats unusual....and there is no flag option now and sometimes no edit option either

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"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd


i just got flagged? ghost in the machine?

The comment you posted has been flagged as potential spam. It will not be visible until the site administrator has a chance to review it.


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I think

it is still going on, I got flagged for saying I donated, so who knows who is here.


have infested us. These are government workers who sit all day in front of their computers trying to direct the flow of information. They lie and cheat and make sure what you need to hear is quickly deleted and bad mouthed so others will be dissuaded. Watch out for Laurie--shill #1. Everything you say or do must meet with her approval or you are demonized with the "multi-shill effect". This is where she calls upon the rest of her shill squad to back her up and make it appear that her view is the majority and thus directing other less-than-brilliant forumites to adopt their point of view.

This technique has been confirmed on several websites so make sure you are not one of those that falls for it. I never will be....
Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.

Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.

SPAMMER Gilgamesh73 thinks *I'm* a shill?

I just disagree with SPAMMERS who post a 1500 word post MORE THAN 45 TIMES.

Try posting something original/of value for a change. Are you sure *you're* not SGP?

I'm impressed with the power you think I have (and you insulted the others who also were annoyed by your SPAMMING the DP forums).

Thanks for your vote of support!

Given the removal of the "flag" option, I guess I'm a miracle-worker, as well.

Not just ordinary shills..

... but "demonic freedom-hating shills" (if you dislike gilgamesh's spam).

Sounds like the stuff Bush and the Neocons say all the time..

Well, we clearly had a

Well, we clearly had a problem with shills and/or disinformation agents last month and up to OneVoiceofReason's recent mischief, but I have not seen any such action since OneVoice was booted last week. Laurie may be opinionated and argumentative, but I really don't think she is a "shill".

Argumentative takes *two*:)

Argumentative takes *two*:)

And "opinionated" seems to be a prime characteristic of all posters on DP!

Certainly, RP is "opinionated", as well:)

The posters who include supporting links vs. personal opinions are much better as "change agents".

What happened to the

Flag button ?

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How did you get flagged?

There's no button to flag people with anymore.
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See comment


How exactly did you get

How exactly did you get "flagged"? That option no longer exists on the Daily Paul!

Ok now I really feel dejected

I got flagged, and there is no flag button left to do it with. I tried to get back to my post about donating and it said "access denied", doesn't that mean it is flagged? I do not know about any of this stuff, never did a post before this site. I need help posting a forum too. Everytime I try to, it shows up the the tab edit on the top. What am I doing wrong?

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The thread was probably deleted ...

... just before you tried to return back to it. That has happened to me, the access denied blurb. Maybe that's what happened ?
People worldwide support Dr. Paul too :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

No, it can't mean that,

No, it can't mean that, since there is no way to flag anyone any longer. It must either mean that the site owner, Michael, has deleted your post himself, or else there is somebody hacking into this site and deleting things.

I would send a message to Michael asking him what is going on.

It happened when I responded

to that Izzy guy who is screaming about donations. Are you saying access denied means Michael would do that, I am sure he would not be doing that because I just said I made a donation. How do you know when you get flagged, what does it say---when the button is there? Also, one other thing I had to log on again this morning, have never had to do that before.

Same Here

Told me this morning that I had to log in. Strange, because I never log out!


haven't had any problems, yet.

don't know

I just tried to post and the page froze up...