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PROOF POSITIVE - that the RP Revolution is more powerful that SEX!

The following post proves once and for all, the RP revolution is more powerful than SEX! Possibly the funniest post and response ever on the DP.

On March 8th, 2008 RyanHickeyLiveMusic says:
My hot ass girlfriend lays in bed NAKED while I meander Daily Paul and watch videos of a 72 year old man....Seriously
maybe human rights are more primal then sex?
who would have thought...
On March 8th, 2008 photoshopwiz says:
you're killing me...;-)
That's funny
On March 8th, 2008 alaskaron says:
'cuz I do the exact same thing when your girlfriend is in *my* bed! Poor girl! LOL
well that would seem to explain...
On March 8th, 2008 ProspectorSam says:
...why we're going extinct.

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I love Ron Paul, but I'd stop surfing the web for Ron Paul news in a heartbeat for my hot naked husband in bed! I've heard Ron Paul isn't as popular among women as men, so maybe as a woman I'm not as dedicated as you men are for this cause...

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more proof...see how...

more proof...see how...BleuCream013 colorfully ends her posts...

On March 26th, 2008 BleuCream013 says:

Now if I can only learn to CUT my verbiage to about a third of the length and still communicate pertinent points... I stick one URL, and commentary, it becomes an essay. Good thing I type relatively fast.

I realize that not everyone will read through it all, but I just hope someone, even while speed reading or skimming through comes across one info, or link that may spark a bit of curiosity enough to have a conversation. If I contributed in that way, 'tis all milk and honey to me!
-Cheers, mate. Viva La RƎVO⅃UZIONE!!!
Vigilance, Ron Paul RƎVO⅃UTIONaries!!!
Because the genie is out of the bottle, and I WANT MY FREEDOM, I WANT IT BACK! I WANT MY REPUBLIC BACK!, more than I WANT SEX!! So say we all!


President RON PAUL: Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 20, 2017
Because, I STILL B E L I E V E!!!!!!!

so funny!

so funny!

hmmm... maybe we should all

hmmm... maybe we should all get to work making more people for the cause?

So now you really stepped out on a limb

is this going to be the one campaign battle call that will finally get peoples attention! I wonder if the original poster will ever know how many laughs we got from his post.


the wife is upstairs sleeping and I am going through caucus lists and posting here

thanks for noticing


Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

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glad you were part of our group posting!

great night, huh?

I need a cigarette... ;-)

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ralphwaldo...your namesake would be proud...

goodonya...I see you posted it! Hope DPers enjoy it!!!

For the others who haven't seen it...another DP favorite...did you see this?

It was the best title EVER for a forum...!

If SGP was a chick, I would totally do him

Emerson is one of my main authors

Just wondering, are you a Mac person, I'm diehard Mac just got a new Mac mini and love it, Leopard is the best OS ever!

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they'll have to rip my Mac...

...from my cold, dead fingers! Yes, I am hardcore and obsessive about two things, Ron Paul and Mac.

My original thinking was that PC and Mac users are like the democrats and republicans...you are NOT going to be able to change the other's minds...and each will never switch!

Okay I was a dem who switched for RP, but would not do that for anyone else!

In an Indian restaurant, I almost got into a fistfight with a PC user who was dissin' Macs, and I was defending them, punctuating my points by slammin' down the silverwear! ...beginning to sound like a personal problem...hmmm :-)

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BankerSpank...I'm likin' the name...

off the wall post...just like this is turning into a major geek thread!

Bank and Credit Union get personal
in this hilarious parody of the famous Mac/PC ads.


Sorry to belabor what I am

Sorry to belabor what I am sure (for you) is an extremely obtuse point, but I do not understand the linguistic distinction made between "PC's" ("personal computers", right?), and "Mac's" ---- I mean, they are ALL personal computers, aren't they, if they're not mainframes? If it's used personally, and is a computer, aren't they all "personal computers"?

I never fail to be puzzled when I read this kind of thing (I never hear it spoken, though, because nobody I know is such a computer geek as to know or care!)

Both are second fiddle to Linux.

The only other difference is that Macs cost more for less software. But your iPod will match up, unless you want to use actual MP3s...


My iPod has about 9,000 MP3s on it right now. What are you talking about? Yes, actual MP3s. Downloaded from Amazon MP store. Ripped from my own massive CD collection. Downloaded from eMusic.com. Bought from all over the web. Real live MP3s. On my iPod. What are you talking about?


The Difference

Macs are the ones that work. :D

/MacEvangelist, albeit a humble user

I believe it goes back to when Gates and Allen worked for

Bill Gates, Paul Allen and crew was contracted by IBM to build "IBM DOS" for what was refered to as the PC. IBM DOS was the "Disk Operating System". IBM failed to have a no compete clause in the contract so Gates and crew developed MSDOS, otherwise known as Microsoft DOS. Steve Jobs came up with the system called "gooey format" or GUI, graphical user interface. Gates and crew falling behind came out with windows, a "graphical user interface". Jobs sued and lost with regards to a copyright issue. Gates kept things cheap and got people hooked. The majority had windows, so the developers made programs to work on windows. He "Gates" played catch-up again when Netscape took charge for browsers. In general thats it.

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

You forgot one thing

Jobs was more focused on a quality OS that had solid code behind it.

Gates made spaghetti code. Still does.

Yup :-)

Jobs operational intent like IBM was for a proprietary type dependancy on hardware through the use of its Software "OS". Gates thought the money was in the Software end because afterall, its all in the software. Its all in the numbers. I believe your just saying Jobs has a better OS? Can I use Jobs code "OS" on my personal computer? Can I use Gates code OS" on a Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, ect. ? Good work on that McCain thing by the way... :-)

Remember the past as you look forward to today...

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

PC is code for computers that run Winders OS

as opposed to Macs. You are right they are both personal computers. it's just one of the jargon glitches!

Thanks, Ralph! For years I

Thanks, Ralph! For years I thought I was not reading or hearing things correctly, when somebody would refer to what was obviously their personal computer as not being a personal computer! So, like a great deal of English, it's just a usage that fundamentally makes no sense, right? Like using "issues" to mean problems, or all these bizarre new words and phrases that seem to be popping up lately like spring dandelions (and just as unwelcome), like "vet" or "redact" or "year-over-year".

I use to get some of the same static from

"Winders" people. Strange thing is many of the same people are now calling me asking for advice on which Mac to buy. The New 10.5 OS is really nice, the window management tool "Spaces" is fantastic.

I do architectural design, Filemaker and technical writing all on a Mac.

Are you a Photoshop artist?

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Yes, I am...

...I am working on a 10.5.2 OS, but I am at the school lab right at this moment!

My Mac at home is getting on, and I'll be getting a new one in a month or two. I am a graphic designer and retoucher, but most of my work is now leaning towards the latter. (I was working for a greeting card company that just folded after 7 years, due to the economy)

"Winders" people...like it!

Did you see where Jobs won a big award last night?

Something about best business CEO at some big shin dig in NY.

Let me know how I can get in touch and we'll talk Mac.

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just click my user name and contact will show up

...then you can shoot me an email. I will reply when I get home...unless you choose to write later ~

oops ~ not there...I'll see if I can change that now. Michael may have removed that option...just a sec...

Is the contact tab there? If not, I'll write it for a second here, then delete it

How cute....

These two are getting a room ; )

"The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact."
- Thomas H. Huxley


Hey, It's not every day I run into

A RP supporter or a Mac fan, much less both in the same person and one who has a sense of humor to boot. Now that is what I call some serious productive bloggin'.

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naw...it just means namaste ~

namaste ~ the geek in me recognizes the geek in you!

*freedom is popular*

pavlov's hierarchy of needs.

Needs to be rehashed with this new information. It could be detremental to science.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here lead by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Scary thing is, my

Scary thing is, my excitement about the Ron Paul Revolution and my "conspiracy theories" actually initiated my breakup with my then five-year girlfriend.

I like freedom, she likes Warcraft. We were doomed anyway.