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This happened in CT.

(2nd) Second time posted.

On 03/27/08 My Son's school had a bomb scare. Supposedly they found a note written on the girls bathroom wall and another found elsewhere in the school? The authorities' searched all areas, including, kids, lockers ect. My Son did not attend school that day and was informed by a friend of this occurrence. In addition, my Son said that they would be searching the school again on Friday 3/28/08. From what he said was the note that was found said the bomb was scheduled to go off on Friday 3/28/08? So on Friday I allowed him to stay home so as not to endure any stress from this situation.
I went to breakfast the next morning "3/28/08" at approx 8:00am. They had local News people, satellite truck and all, gathered near this breakfast place. This breakfast place is about 3/4 of a mile away from the High School. We asked our waitress what they were filming and she said, Oh, there was a bomb scare at the High School. She did'nt know why they were parked there when the School was up the road aways??? They did not come in to eat.
Then today 3/31/08, I hear on the radio that our local Middle School had a bomb scare set for 4/03/08 and tomorrow the authorities' will again check book bags, kids ect. I'm thinking boy thats interesting. So I get home and tell my Son what I heard on the local radio about the Middle School. His girlfriend was visiting and said that is strange, we had the same thing at our High School in a neighboring town! Ya a note was found on the girls room wall and they searched all things. I talked about privacy rights ect and then my Son said, one kid got caught with pot. His girlfriend said a girl at her school tried to run because she did not want them checking her purse for personal reasons? I did not try to extract any more info from my Son and his girl friend, but find the whole issue unusual.
Has anyone had a simular occurrence???

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Test Bump

Test Bump.

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

In addition

I know there are bomb scares all the time. Though the unusual thing here was, that they were forward looking. It was not, We have had a bomb scare, get out of the bldg. It was, we have a found a bomb threat today, that says in a couple days it will explode. Its ok to go back into your class now, but tomorrow and the next day we will be looking for the bomb. ?? Thanks

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

A Group of Georgia Third Graders Plot To Attack Teacher


A Group of Georgia Third Graders Plot To Attack Teacher

WAYCROSS, GA -- It's the type of news you don't expect to hear coming out of an elementary school. Nine third grade students suspended at Center Elementary in Waycross for an alleged plot to attack their teacher.

"This plot was uncovered at the point that something dangerous was brought to the school," says Lt. Dwayne Caswell with Waycross Police.

Police say the students were hatching a plan to harm their teacher Friday morning. They even brought items from home to carry out the plan.

"They had a broken steak knife, a crystal paper weight, toy handcuffs, several items and tape and stuff," says Lt. Caswell.

I know, I heard this. I thought skipping

Such little kids, WOW! And I thought skipping school was bad :-)

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Something similar just

Something similar just occurred in Pontiac, Michigan, too. A couple of young kids attacked a teacher in school and left him with a fractured skull, broken ribs, etc. As a result they've put the schools in Pontiac on indefinite semi-lockdown. Sad.

Is it all the schools in the district, or

Or just that school, and what is a semi-lockdown? If you have time could you elaborate? Thank you

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

With all due respect, what

With all due respect, what is your question? Are you asking if bomb threats at schools are unusual? Are you suggesting it was made up in order to search lockers? I'm not seeing it ... and I'm not trying to be sarcastic either, I'm seriously asking! :-)

I will say for a fact, it is unusual here. Though

Yes, I was just wondering if it was happening anywhere else? Thank you.

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

Well, I live in the suburbs

Well, I live in the suburbs outside of Detroit ... it's not all that unheard of here. But then again, it is .... Detroit. ;-)

I'm a teacher....and

you know, years ago, there were bomb scares going off...When I taught at a high school in 1989-1991, I recall having 2 or so of them a week for a short time.... (perhaps there were more threats)... but the administration had us evacuate that many more times. It was mimicked after another incident at another school. All they have to do is make a call and that's it....they have to take evacuate I suppose. We also had scanners that they installed as you walked into the school for metal, etc. Some schools don't have lockers today because they don't want the kids storing things, or see-through bags so they can see what's coming in and out. It's all precautionary efforts at (hopefully) making the schools safer.

Thanks, My Sister in law is a teacher in RI

I truely understand the safety thing. But these were planted notes not called in. Ifind that interesting and note your copy cat remark. To date as far as I know, its been 2 schools in my town and 1 in the town next door. They say thet found notes. Could it be a area group of kids saying lets do it? Thanks again

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"