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Jesse Ventura just said on Larry King Live that Ron Paul would make a great president! Apr 1 at 9:18 pm

YAY! hahahahaha

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jesse ventura...

i think his heart is in the right place but he needs information...

i like him and i like his passion but he said a couple of things that could be changed if he knew more...such as:

he thinks mccain has a distinguised service record (well, we know that's bs!) - so he needs info. about that.

and he would NOT vote republican....

well, how many of us here became republicans to vote for the doc?......alot of us....me for one.

Ron Paul is My President

Jesse is an ex-Navy seal

I don't think that he's going to bad mouth McCain on an issue like that. Most people think that McCain is a war hero, it's a given. Not the forum for Jesse to address this.

I Like Jesse a Lot, but...

It would have been nice to get credit for beginning "The Revolution". Perhaps he uses the 'LOVE' Revolution Logo on his book?? (I doubt it) I was left feeling he is trying to capitalize on what we have already begun and further split us up into another group. Maybe if he had campaigned for Dr. Paul before the primaries started I would have given him more credit. I know he is absolutely opposed to political parties, but getting the Ron Paul Revolution going was dependent on using the Republican Party and now having delegates and resolutions being passed - becoming committee members, etc...

Just my opinion.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Jesse was under a gag order from a

contract he signed. He now lives in Mexico. He's speaking out now because the contract term has expired. I'm not aware that we have a copyright on the Revolution. He's been an active figure for a long time.

I agree

Jesse is a little self involved.

I would vote for Jessie...

passionately over any other repub or dem, of course. Although, I think he should have thrown his weight behind Ron paul a long time ago. To me, he is a "Johnny come Lately" to this revolution. And he is kind of a liberal on some issues, although you cannot help but admire his honesty. He have hope for 2012. But Im not waiting till then. Jessie is great but Ron Paul is a superhero.
Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis

Jesse Ventura

made quite a good, thoughtful and strong impression on me. I agree with most he said, but not all. He seems to be more an anarcho-libertarian than a constitutional conservative-libertarian as Dr. Paul, but they have quite a lot in common. To run for president, you need apart from ballot access more than
50 x 300 000 USD (e.g. he said he won govt. campaign with 300 k). He could play an important role in marketing the LP presidential candidate, especially if they select a strong one, like Bob Barr.

You know what?

I'm SO glad April Fool's Day is OVER!

I can tell he wants to do

I can tell he wants to do it. Let's set up a petition.

I don't want to redirect from Ron Paul

Until Ron Paul tells me to do it. Right now I am still supporting ads that are going into papers in the states that have not voted. I am still wondering what will happen with McCain. What was the report on McCain's health on the news last night? Jesse could be Ron Paul's vp and it is logical, so logical, but he gave that not a single minute because of his ego. NO. Jesse will not distract me.

Jesse is the greatest

He stated right up front that he is trying to wake people up. The more high profile people that come out and speak up the better. It's the message, NOT the person. Ron Paul is not going to come out and tel you to do anything.

The Message is REVOLUTION!

Wake people up, change

Those are just words. If Jesse wanted to wake people up, he would have endorsed Dr. Paul from the beginning and voted for him if he is still able, living in Mexico. Jesse doesn't even live in the United States. Have your idle, I don't care, but give me Ron Paul. I will listen for Ron Paul's advice. I don't expect him to literally, "tell you to do anything." Needless to say. I just disagree with you. Handle it. It isn't about the person you say, well Jesse seems to think it is alllllll about the parties. It also is not about the parties, it is about the issues. We could have elected Dr. Paul as a Republican if third parties would unite to get it done. In this particular case, it absolutely is about the man. No other man was willing to pick up this banner and run with it. Not even Jesse. And now, when he cannot be President, he says he won't run as vp, but Ron Paul can. Arrogant.

I'll sign

he's a good, honest man.


the comment on the wall being built on the border was just what I've been thinking. It may be a wall to keep people out, but in ten years it maybe a wall to keep people in. I was thinking more like 1 year lol! Way to go jesse! How many states does the constitution party have for ballot access? I know the libertarian party got some 47 or 48 states last election. A Paul third party run with the star power of Ventura would be huge! Let's work to get ballot access in these parties.

If you live

on the west coast it's on again right now.
Man, Jesse did sound a lot like the good Dr.



Get him on the Libertarian, Populas Party or Constitutional Party ticket with PAUL.

Put Jessie as Pres and Paul as VEEP. Jessie would destroy McStain and Obamma1

Is that the Dean Scream? LOL

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

I like that


I'd back that ticket

Like the current admin only Dr. Paul could work most of the agenda and Jesse pushes it forward with the force of his personality. He obviously respects Dr. Paul.

"I killed the banks"

Poor link to part 1

just saw it:


Someone w/ dvr can hopefully get a better copy ... this sounds really good.

*edit: part II

"I killed the banks"

Thanks for posting these

Part I was funny the way he ended, "Don't tell us now." Funny

Doesn't Jesse know anything about CFR, etc.? He seems to think the candidates go awry because of their parties. He knows they are the same, but doesn't seem to know the whole story.

Part II This was very frustrating. Why will he not say Ron Paul. He finally says Ron Paul, but then suggests Ron Paul should be his vice-president when he has already said he will not run. He is not doing so well by Ron Paul as far as I am concerned. He is too self-centered. I'll check out Part III and see if it gets better.

I disagree

Irrespective of the truth regarding the CFR and other similar groups, it reeks of conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory reeks of crazy. Jesse's position regarding the parties is clear and something a much larger portion of the country would openly agree with. I agree with Jesse on that.

There's no way Jesse could play second fiddle to Ron Paul. As much as I love RP, Jesse speaks clearly, in simple terms, and has an authoritative persona. He spent many years as an entertainer, and an intimidating entertainer at that. I don't see him sitting back and letting someone else take charge, particularly someone as mild mannered as RP. Ron Paul as VP would make for a very balanced ticket, IMO.

Unfortunately, I think Jesse is just trying to sell a book. =(

Your last line says it all

"I don't see him sitting back and letting someone else take charge...."

He already has. He has already lived into a spot that does not allow him to run for President this year. The only choice he would have right now is as vp.

"Jesse speaks clearly...."


"....It reaks of conspiracy theory..."

It IS a conspiracey. It is no theory. Where have you been. I guess following after Jesse. Neither of you seem to go very deep.

Jesse, where have you been!!!!

We needed that voice 6 months ago.

what else would you expect

what else would you expect from an ex navy SeAL!!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD


Was this before or after he suplexed Larry. Video anyone? Please.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here lead by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/


A clip of this please!!! Ventura/Paul 08?

I don't have the technology to do that

But I'll bet portions of the program will be on YouTube tomorrow--you might want to search for it.

Also, they repeat the Larry King Live show at midnight ET and 9:00 pm Pacific, in case you're awake and have access.