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Gary Hart Confronted on New World Order Vision -

Former Senator Gary Hart was confronted by several 9/11 truth groups during an appearance in Colorado, including WeAreChangeColorado.org, TruthAlliance.net and Colorado 9/11 Visibility.

Hart was touting his proposal for a Global Democracy Security Organization, another handy catch phrase for superceding the bounds of national sovereignty and consolidating power into a global body.

The former Senator was probed about his September 12, 2001 statements before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) where he suggested that George W. Bush might "use [the 9/11] disaster" to carry out the New World Order.

Hart denied ever using the phrase 'New World Order' while ironically utilizing the same phrasing he used in his 2001 quote-- that the first President Bush 'used it once in 1991 and never again.'

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Good on them

I want everyone to be asked these questions over and over and over until they break.