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Rudy Giuliani's Neocon Gun Position

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As of late, it has come to my attention that cross-dressing neocon shill, Rudy Giuliani is attempting to fool Second amendment defenders. A wealth of information can be found exposing this preposterous lie, and though constitutionalists are aware of it, some uninformed conservatives aren't.

This former mayor has built his reputation on the exploiting of 9/11 and implementation of police-state tactics to fight New York City crime. Until recently, Giuliani has never tried to hide his pro gun-control stance. "I used gun control as mayor, but I understand the Second Amendment," Giuliani stated at a recent news conference. He then went on to explain how the gun control laws he implemented had no effect on hunting.

How could someone who claims to understand the Second Amendment, discount it's relevance to the act of hunting? Our right to bear arms was given to us by the founders so that we may never be overtaken by a tyrannical government, it has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting. Gun-control advocates have always fallen back on the old hunting rights routine. Of course they don't mind allowing us to keep hunting weapons, do you think we could overthrow a totalitarian government with single shot deer rifles? They are only interested in taking away weapons that would be a threat to their success in the event of a revolution.

In June of 2000, Giuliani proudly announced that New York City had filed a lawsuit against two dozen major gun manufacturers and distributers. "The lawsuit is intended to end the free pass that the gun industry has enjoyed for a very long time, which has resulted in too many avoidable deaths," said Giuliani. He then insisted that just as any motorist must have a license, all gun owners should require one as well. In a 2000 edition of the Boston Globe he stated, "Anyone wanting to own a gun should have to pass a written exam that shows that they know how to use a gun, that they're intelligent enough and responsible enough to handle a gun." Giuliani doesn't believe in an America where you are born with constitutional rights, he prefers an Imperialistic regime where they issue rights to you as they see fit.

It is also a little known fact to Giuliani supporters that he worked hand in hand with Bill Clinton in the implementation of national gun registration shortly after the introduction of the Brady Bill. Giuliani openly praised the Brady Bill and his only criticism was that it didn't go far enough in it's restrictive efforts. Clinton largely credits Giuliani for the idea of national gun registration and quickly put Janet Reno to work on creating the system.

If these examples of Giuliani's efforts to cripple our Second Amendment weren't enough to make your blood boil, you should know that he stood whole-heartedly behind the 1994 "assault weapons" ban. This was the absolutely preposterous bill banning firearms with large capacity magazines, "conspicuous" pistol grips, flash suppressors, folding stocks and threaded barrels. Giuliani said that these firearms have no legitimate purpose and called the ban "an important step toward curtailing the indiscriminate proliferation of guns across the nation."

Giuliani's knack for capitalizing on tragedy and fear goes back a lot further than September 11. When a deranged individual attacked innocent civilians at the Empire State Building in 1997, Giuliani used this propagation of fear as a platform for gun control. "We need a federal law that bans all assault weapons, and if in fact you need a handgun, you should be subjected to at least the same restrictions, and really stronger ones that exist for driving an automobile...Congress needs to pass a uniform licensing for everyone."

Giuliani then focused his attention on New York City gun laws which were already among the most stringent in the country. Rather than focus on the criminals who were breaking laws, he chose to restrict law-abiding gun owners who respect the rule of law. He pushed a proposal that would require all guns to have trigger locks on them at all times rendering them useless when needed. Breaking this law would result in "criminal penalties and the revocation of gun permits."

As if all of these reasons aren't enough for any patriot to loathe this neocon fascist, Giuliani had the audacity to blame his city's crime on the rest of the United States. He claimed that "less restrictive gun laws in other parts of the country" served as a catalyst to the crime levels in New York City. It's plain to see that this man is hell-bent on stripping us of our Second Amendment while wrapping himself in a shroud of conservatism that is tough on crime. Blaming a gun for a death is like blaming Giuliani's poor posture on the high heels. Please don't buy his lies and allow him to step in as our Commander and Chief.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have presidential candidate and champion of the Constitution Ron Paul who has a spotless congressional record of having NEVER voted for anything that even resembled a violation of our Constitution. Not only does he vote against such acts of tyranny, but vehemently lambastes anyone tries. Ron Paul only agrees with one aspect of Giuliani's gun control propaganda. In one of his essays, Ron Paul says, "On one level I agree whole-heartily with the anti-gun activists. We desperately need gun control. We need to control the bureaucrats, disarm them, and abolish their agencies. There is no constitutional basis for the EPA, and certainly no constitutional reason for allowing the EPA agents to pack pistols as they declare every inch of your property as a protected "wetland."

If you care about America, our Constitution and everything our founding fathers stood for, please research presidential candidate and American Patriot Ron Paul. He may be our last chance at restoring the rule of law and civil rights by honoring our United States Constitution with complete reverence and strict adherence.

Luke Black

''To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people
always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how
to use them...''

— Richard Henry Lee, 1787

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