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The Ron Paul Spraypaint Revolution

spread the word!!! easy Dr. Paul promotion!

This is a website providing anyone hoping to fight in the Ron Paul Army with free posters and spray-paint stencils for the 2008 Ron Paul campaign for Presidency. This stencil can be used for signs, clothing or anything else. Get out there! Make a difference!


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awesome!!!!! don't forget to

awesome!!!!! don't forget to spread the word and email me the finished pictures so i can post them to the flickr photoblog!!!!


I'm going to try this stencil on a couple of t-shirts this weekend. I'll use some fabric spray paint - from Lowe's. They have 4 colors. If that doesn't work perfectly I'll get some dab on fabric paint from Michael's and use a small sponge...

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand


This is so great! I have visions of making T-shirts for my children to wear while we are out and about.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. Ron Paul supporters are the most creative people around!

Keep it up!!!

you are welcome! i'm glad

you are welcome! i'm glad you appreciate it, please help spread this site to everyone, i don't really know how to expose it!