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Hillary trys to censor Ron Paul

Hillary Clinton tried to censor Ron Paul supporters in Denver Co. on
Tuesday 10/23. Check out this youtube video.
Aparentley Ron is a threat to her and the other democrats.
This is getting interesting, just how much support does Ron have that is scaring these candiates, and that we are not being told about????

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That is so funny. We got

That is so funny. We got her in Oakland, in Seattle, in Denver!!! Let make sure that she can not go anywhere without a Ron Paul meetup showing up. Spread the word!!!!


Bad title for this blog.

The title of this blog is just wrong - and is meant to inflame. Bad bad bad.

Title should have been Hillary Supporters Hassle Ron Paul Supporter. Everyone spoke rationally, nobody got tasered, not a big deal really.

Much ado.


right on man. hassle is a much better word. I think they go too far calling it censorship.

You know

That really wasn't censorship, you have a right to speak, so do they, but no right to be heard. No, the censorship Hillary brings about will be after her Coronation, then you'll know it, because it will be at the point of a gun...if you are lucky. This ain't it, you put up signs, so can they-that's freedom. Interesting from a political standpoint though
Mike Stahl

Mike Stahl

Wow, I woulda grabbed my can

Wow, I woulda grabbed my can of "Woop Arsh" and unloaded on the older guy in the dark shirt, not the lacky sheep boy that did all the talking. It was clear to me that the older guy was leading... Under his shirt he wore an SS shirt I'll bet..

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It makes it so much easier

It makes it so much easier to defend liberty when you are standing on the moral high ground.

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