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Drupal, Grassroots Political Activism and the Ron Paul Campaign

By John VanDyk

There is a battle going on for the control of information. The powers that be (traditional news outlets) are increasingly being challenged by widespread independent media sources including bloggers and journalism-enabling sites like NowPublic. It is the difference between "Good evening. This is what the news is." and "What is going on in the world? I'll find out." The change from one to the other is inevitable.

In politics, this is an important change. Instead of politicians claiming that this or that is "the will of the American people", that will can actually be tested by listening to the people because the people now have a voice. The first real example of this was the Howard Dean campaign in 2004. Dean used DeanSpace, a community CMS based on Drupal, to raise massive internet support.

In the current U.S. presidential election, the candidate who is using the internet most effectively is Ron Paul. Like Howard Dean, Ron Paul's support on the internet is massive. While his main website does not run Drupal, the Daily Paul is a popular site about the campaign. It's managed by Michael Nystrom and it runs on Drupal.

What I find interesting about Ron Paul's campaign is that while Howard Dean had support from the mainstream media (representing the traditional "we will tell you what is important" position), Ron Paul seems to be virtually ignored by the mainstream media; only the Washington Post has covered him. Thus, he represents the first test of how well grassroots internet campaigns can fare when they are pitted against, and not supplemented by, traditional media.

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They are STILL trying to censor/downplay Ron Paul

At http://pajamasmedia.com/ you can vote for a presidential candidate at top far right of page.

Here you can view the results for ALL precincts: http://pajamasmedia.com/strawpoll2008/results.php?precinctid...

What I found very interesting was the comments by pajamasmedia on the results page. It typifies how there's a movement to silence/downplay Ron Paul's support/message/success:

In the twenty-second week on the Republican side Ron Paul defeated Fred Thompson by less than one percent of the votes (38.4 to 37.5), even though Paul has no more than two percent in any of the national polls. Paul’s supporters seem dedicated to winning the Pajamas poll in the hope that it will influence the larger electorate. So far it does not seem to have done so. Many readers have written to ask us to ban Paul from the poll in the interest of making it more relevant, but we are sticking with our rules

So there are readers who want to ban Ron Paul from the poll to make it more relevant? I am completely speechless with what I am witnessing during this campaign, which is only making me more motivated to spread the word.



Kudos to Nystrom

Great work on this site, it's gotta be about the most popular Ron Paul website out there.


John VanDyk's article is a

John VanDyk's article is a brilliant analysis's of a SHIFT which is taking place. The internet is THE FREE MARKET of INFORMATION. There are literally MILLIONS of viewpoints to hear and countless websites which inquire well beyond the standard homogenized MSM. The American people have been spoon fed propaganda for GENERATIONS. The cycle of ignorance and control is now in its death throws. The source of America's decline is ignorance of the principles of freedom and accountability. Our nation CAN NOT maintain under this crushing load of lawless and thievery being perpetrated by our so-called representatives. Ron Paul is an anomaly in Washington, no other candidate can hold a candle to the wise admonition of Dr. Paul. America is terminally ill, unless we cut out the cancer which is devouring our nation piece by piece.

Big Government has FAILED, the ideology of collectivism has FAILED, the wars have FAILED. We are disillusioned with the Socialism and the Corporatism, Americans are ready for liberty. This is what drives me now, I can barely hold in the excitement I feel when a victory is won when 1 person sees the truth. This nation and the constitution which formed it was NOT formed by bureaucrats it was formed by PATRIOTS who worn their liberty on their sleeve. Ron Paul has proven his integrity through 2 decades of service in the House of Representatives. Ron has NO SHAME for his principles, he hides behind NO FACADE, . The only thing we can trust the other candidates to do is make government bigger and you pay by losing your freedom AND your security.

You could say I am a socially timid person when it comes to speaking with random strangers going about someone running for President. I sometimes worry if I sound too trite when I say, "He's One of US! He represents the people and the constitution". However what motivates me to get past these barriers is looking at my fellow Americans in a new light. I want to preserve THEIR RIGHTS as much as my own. In fact it is in MY BEST INTEREST to be chiefly concerned with the liberties of my fellow man. I strongly agree with Ron Paul's “The freedom message brings us together, it doesn’t divide us” . That is why we are seeing supporters pour in from every walk of life and political background.

I believe Ron Paul can win because America is seeing through these other candidates who are only PRETENDING to believe in freedom. To Giuliani freedom is whatever makes you feel safe. But practically no one who is watch the debates believes this tripe. The lies are crumbling, the facade is cracking.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson