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Ron Paul with Neil Cavuto June 26 at 4:30 ET - False AP Story

Dr. Ron Paul will appear today June 26th at 4:30 ET on Neil Cavuto's show on FOX NEWS.

He will counter a false story being spread by the Associate Press that was first picked up from the Concord Monitor blog of local NH reporter Margot Sanger Katz.

The AP's story falsely draws lines that incorrectly insinuate that Ron is a 'supporter' of Ed and Dr. Elaine Brown of NH.

The Browns are an elderly couple who were recently convicted of tax evasion. They are currently at their home, resisting arrest. They have refused to surrender and have apparently threatened to defend themselves if the government comes after them.

Dr. Paul had no idea who the Browns were until he was asked about them in two television interviews. He made comments to the effect that he thought they were courageous to defy the IRS especially KNOWING what the consequences might be. Like many other candidates both past and present, Ron believes that we need to find an alternative to the IRS.

Being a longtime NH resident, I have known about the Browns for 20 years during which time I was aware they were not paying their taxes. They have never been violent in the past.

As to the AP's insinuations that Dr. Paul would condone any violence during their resistance to arrest of the kind Sanger-Katz has described, I say this is ludicrous.

Furthermore, Dr. Paul does NOT advocate non-payment of one's taxes.

Dr. Paul simply stated that their resistance to the IRS took some courage, because certainly they know they will have to suffer the consequences of their actions, sooner or later.

As usual, the AP makes incorrect assumptions and prints them as if they were facts.

Actual quote of Dr. Paul's:

"I compare them to people like Gandhi, who was willing to speak out and try to bring about change in a peaceful manner."

As far as anyone knew, that is all the Browns have done so far, is peaceful non-compliance with the IRS.

Many other candidates both past and present have not only opposed the IRS and have made mention of it as did Huckabee in the last debate, but have made it the centerpiece of their campaign, such as Steve Forbes has done.