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G7 Meeting next week -- look for another dollar drop.

Going into the meeting the Germans and the Japanese have already said "no" to propping up the US dollar. The dollar took a big hit after the last G7. With this negativity going into the meeting, I predict another $US drop.

The Plunge Protection Team/Gold Cartel will be ready for this and will pull out all stops to prop up the stock market and smack gold and silver so that John and Jane Doe sees that "all is well" in the economy. At some point, the tidal wave will come and overpower govt. manipulation of the markets. For some it will be too late and they will go from middle class to homeless. Prepare yourself friends.



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i hear you.....just tilled the second garden today.

I wish my family would "hear me".

I'm looking at the possibility of paying off the mortgages of my immediate family so they at least have homes. None of them have rooms for gardens -- a pool is a "must" where they live.

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!