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Strawman? UCC-1 Has anyone tried this and is it TRUE?

But what if we refused to continue playing the charade, and played the commerce game instead? What if we learned how to control the flow and movement of entries, figures and digits, for our own benefit? Is that possible? And if so, how? How can the real man in the real world, function in the fictional world in which the commerce game exists?

When in commerce do as commerce does - use the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC-1 Financing Statement is the one contract in the world that CANNOT be broken. The power of this document is awesome.

Since the TDA exists for the STRAWMAN - who, until now, has been controlled by the government - WE can gain control and ownership of the STRAWMAN by first activating the TDA and then filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement. This does two things for us.

First, by activating the TDA we gain limited control over the funds in the account. This allows us to also move entries, figures and digits ... for OUR benefit.

Secondly, by properly filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement we become the "holder in due course" of the STRAWMAN. A filed UCC-1 is public notice of a registered lien by a real human being who is the secured party, upon the STRAWMAN, the government-created, foreign non- registered corporation. With the STRAWMAN under our control, government has no access to the TDA and they also lose their go- between, their liaison, their connection to the real, living man and woman. No longer a subject, you become a free sovereign once again. You declare your independence!

You don't have liability for your STRAWMAN. If you do commercial assignments, you have an asset called a Bill of Exchange which you can spend out. The birth certificate represents the body. The SSN represents the commercial account. Behind every birth certificate is a $1,000,000 bond which is pre-paid financing on any activity of the STRAWMAN. Some people have used their TDA to pay off their home or commercial mortgage, bank or student loans, tax liens, or credit card debt..

When you own your STRAWMAN and anyone else charges against HIM, then that is commercial trespassing. If anyone goes after your STRAWMAN and wins any monetary award against the fiction of your STRAWMAN, then you (the real person/ secured party) get the first $1,000,000 of that because you have the first lien.

In addition to your own freedom reclaimed, you will remove your collateral and participation from the frauds, manipulations, and extortion that have been perpetrated in your name. When enough people have reclaimed their birthright, we can also reclaim our constitutional republic that was intended to serve us in protecting our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


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I'll wager

It's either fixing to be, or we are deep trouble.



Pete Hendrickson http://www.dailypaul.com/node/112334... and
Kent Hovind

one is in prison and one is on his way...

Where's the proof of obligation?

All this strawman BS precludes one very important, very overlooked fact:

The government can never provide any proof of anyone's obligation to obey their demands other than the business end of the barrel of a gun

Did YOU sign any contract agreeing to abide by any & all of the rules the government has? Did the government, did THEY, ever sign that contract? Is it even possible for THEY to sign anything?

It's all BS, nothing more than mental masturbation designed to keep YOU from figuring it all out.


Do you really think this advances the cause of liberty? Or, more specifically, if an "undecided" person who could be persuaded to join our cause sees this, are they MORE or LESS likely to move in our direction?

I think the name of the original poster answers these questions.

Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views...Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. - SCotUS, 1995

Don't try it

Scroll down the page and ready about a couple who tried it. It's a nasty business, best to avoid it. Live honestly.


"You're just a fraidy cat"

That's their sole defense.

I think sometimes when you

I think sometimes when you go to court you should just dress up as a scarcrow or the persona of your choice!

Thats so funny

I forgot to laugh... . What's your point?

If all else fails or you

If all else fails or you don't know what to do, you might as well....act out the strawman. (all for comic relief) And don't forget to bring dorothy with you " to see the wizard "

Look up

Michael David Beiter Jr He used to do a program called "Bridging the Gap"
on We The People Radio Network. The network folded their tent under mysterious circumstances. It was going great guns then ppffftt!!
Michael Beiter is really savvy in UCC "strawboy" theory. He's had multiple arrest warrants, grand juries..etc and has managed to beat them all, the problem is this system is corrupt to the bone...more like even when your right your wrong..know what I mean..At that point the bloody revolution becomes inevitable.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Why does he break the law so much?

Multiple arrest warrants?, grand juries? And you trust this guy?? I'll bety he sends the judges a bill for his time too, right?

Submitting a fee schedule is

Submitting a fee schedule is not a bad idea. If the government is going to place orders, it is best to set a price high enough to discourage the depletion of your own resources. No sense in turning your life into a tragedy of the commons.

As for the UCC stuff, most of paytriot stuff is liable to get you a long time in the clink (even if there is some truth to it), but some of it may protect you from the clink (UCC 1-207 or more recently found at UCC 1-308).



Fee schedule? Obviously this is another person who is hoping to be, but is not using the method. You think the court will be scared of your made up fee schedule? Give me a break. Show me where that has worked, ever.

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There are two ways...

For a slave to free himself from his master.

He may fight and becomes free in either death or liberty.


He may run and becomes free in either death or liberty.

But begging won't do anything but get ya whipped. These things amount to begging and you will get whipped for it, every time.
The Philosophy Of Liberty -

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Gee, That was encouraging.

Thanks for that input.

wolfe's picture

Your welcome.

The point is, choose fight, run or beg... But if you choose begging by playing these games with the system. You will fail, even if you you were right. And maybe that's the part that is confusing people. It doesn't matter if their was even legal ground to stand on (which there isn't) you will still get whipped, possibly more so...

Fighting and running are the only truly viable options.
The Philosophy Of Liberty -

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Well then

I guess there's nothing to see here...I'll just move along....



everyone i have heard that has tried to get money, or buy homes and cars, all got in trouble. This process is about becoming whole, it takes a long time to learn, but the website i posted above has hours upon hours of free downloads and forms and documents. DONT FILE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR FILING!!!

Here is what I KNOW to be true:

I am born with my rights, no government confers them upon me. This government, by its own admission, is granted its powers by the consent of the governed. I do not consent to nearly anything this government is doing currently. I have attempted every other reasonable remedy. It is my responsibility to do the right thing now and withdraw my consent from this government.
This process is the closest thing I have encountered to encapsulating that truth. I have begun the process. I am a scaredy-cat slow poke, but I am taking it step by step. So far, I feel I am taking right action. If I come to a place where I do not feel it is the right thing to do, I will cease. If I hear a better idea, I will support that, but for me, personally, the correct thing to do is accept full responsibility for my life.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

This is a very complex

This is a very complex system and takes a few years to understand. You need to understand accounting, tax code, bankruptcy, treasury, securities, trust and the list goes on and on. UCC1 is just public information filing of a lien. And a UCC-3 is an amendment or assignment and is good for assigning docs to use the SOS as your state witness that the docs were sent and a notary republic so you have 2 state witnesses. The bulk that I see to be effective is to learn the IRS and how to shift tax liability to those who create it, showing the IRS whoever created the liability and increased the BPD is the tax withholding party. I have studied full time for a while and learning everyday. This is not a short cut easy fix. Its a dedication of your life to unraveling the fraud and try to navigate the system. I have personally seen people get very powerful in these systems and start teaching others and they got picked up under the patriot act and held without charges. Remember the people benefitting from the corruption have bigger guns than we do and if you injure them to much they will take you down now, simple as that. Becareful with these procedures a lot of people are in jail for filing documents they didn't take responsibility to study and understand.

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I too have looked at this all

And my understanding, not from what I've learned (which if one retains it all in their head, it "works"), but in my gut, tells me this:

1. it's using the tool of the enemy against it, that is, fractionalizing our own money
2. it's "saying the right thing" here and "fitting into the sliver" of the system there that we can "technically" be something other than what we are. This treads the grayest area, because in this system we already are what we aren't, but to the vast majority, one must effectively lie either way.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

So how do we do this?

So how do we go about doing this and not risk going to jail? Show a legal documented path of what you are trying to do and what your true intentions are? At what point do you stop pushing so you do not "hurt" these people too much? Who can help?


but I need to research this a bit.

dont listen to this clown,

dont listen to this clown, he is a fool...or at least VERY ignorant to law...he keeps promoting this evans-legal website, which is that of a pro tax attorney...good place for mis-info. He has also promoted irs.gov as a "good place to get info"

Im sure he would suggest visiting CBS.com to hear about the shows on NBC.

Furlough-buzz is a member of the illegal loansharking group, and would hate to see his financial world collapse...even though he has committed dozens of felonies EVERY time he engaged in the loaning of credit, or collecting of money for that credit. He actually said early on that "Definitions in laws are the same as common usage" or something of the like.


are the fool. I don't promote any website, I just looked up the garbage you are trying to push here and I came across a rebuttal for every single argument you make.

And before you start calling me a felon, let us clarify. You think everyone that has ever leant money to anyone is a felon because you believe the dollar is a debt instrument, therefore cannot be loaned. You are an idiot, the burden of proof has always been on you, something you have never realized. You are not sovereign, and I bet you never even withdrew your citizenship.

Good luck, you're going to need it when they toss you in Federal Prison.

Again, you are too naive' or

Again, you are too naive' or dumb to understand. It is against my nature to be insulting, but there is NO way that you are a "patriot" or even a 'ron paul supporter" without understanding that federal reserve banking is the ruin of our economy.
You DONT lend money!!!!...when I say money, I even include FRN's, (im not one of those claiming FRN's are not money, because they are, just like anything of value or perceived value is a money while it's accepted) you lend CREDIT...you lend an "idea".
When I say "you" i mean lenders. This is how lending works, when a loan is written, an account is created based on the Social Security number (which is illegal to use in a private capacity) and work history(for example) Each person has a 'value' that is derived from their credit score, payment history, work history, etc.,
"you" convince one of your cronies (another bank) to go along with this 'idea' that this new loan account is full of "money", then the amount is printed (not even literally printed, just entered into a computer as being there) and sent to the seller, the bank didnt have to have 1 cent of actual federal reserve notes for this transaction to take place. This fundamentally violates one of the elements of a contract, "consideration".
Consideration is SO important an element of a contract, that you cant give your brother a car without him giving you at least one dollar as 'consideration'


as far as finding a rebuttal, here are a couple of examples of rebuttals:
beer is better than milk:
or is it:

Chevy is better than ford:
oh, maybe not...

You OFTEN cite Evans-legal.com as a resource...even though Daniel Evans is an admitted democrat, lawyer, Obama supporter, pro tax advocate, and alleged IRS liaison:
quote from his bio:

"Daniel B. Evans received his J.D. cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and practices law in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania in the areas of estate planning, estate and trust adminstration, and related tax planning for closely-held busineeses."

so for him to be anti-tax in ANY way, could ruin his business.


Evans, Daniel
19038 $-16 11/24/2008 G OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat
Evans, Daniel
19038 Self employed/Lawyer $2,300 09/30/2008 G OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat

Evans, Daniel B

Evans, Daniel
19118 Self employed/Attorney $500 02/19/2004 P EDWARDS FOR PRESIDENT - Democrat

Daniel Evans
Donation of $250 to Presidential elections 2008
Daniel Evans
Self employed
Barack Obama
Wyndmoor PA

(wife) Storm Evans (same address)
Storm Evans

any chance "Daniel S Evans" of the IRS is connected:
"...and Daniel S. Evans of the Employee Plans Division."

point being, seems like a pretty "liberal' democrat Obama supporter for a "real" ron paul republican like yourself to be 'promoting' or even citing

Still just nonsense

And you attack the source not the cases on his website. I could care less if the guy was a satan worshipper who voted for Oprah, he still has an answer to everything you say. Whatever.

in fact, you would probably

in fact, you would probably prefer he was a satan worshiper, especially if you were rebutting religion.

someone has an answer for everything...Ill bet the G, O, L, E are worn out on your computer from your repeated google searches for quick answers....have you ever researched anything yourself?
"Frivolous tax arguments", "sovereignty is a myth", and "UCC-1 liens" for example?

Like I said before, maybe the best place to find genuine information on a topic, ISNT the opponents website.

It looks like the H1N1 vaccine is great, I just checked GlaxoClineSmith.com and it said so.


when you tell me the IRS can't prosecute me for reasons A, B and C and their website says, "oh yes we can prosecute you for A, B and C, here is what we do to people that try and use A, B and C" I think it's an OK source to use

pretty much, you are angry that I fact checked your hogwash with the powers that be. and then I guess you took a swipe at google? what's wrong with google? It only takes 10 second to find out if someone is giving you bad advice. Maybe you could make all the Strawman websites sovereign from google.