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Submit Your Questions for YCT Convention

Fri/Sat - April 11/12
Texas Convention Attendees:
Michael Williams - Chairman, Tx Railroad Commission
Cathie Adams -Tx Eagle Forum
Wayne Christian - Tx State Rep.
Jeff Wentworth - Tx State Senator
Brendan Steinhauser - Director State & Federal Campaigns
Greg Abbott - Tx Attorney General
Mary Katherine Stout - Tx Public Policy Foundation
Billy Hamilton - Tuition Deregulation
Ken Mercer - Tx State Board of Education
John Cornyn - Tx US Senator
Miranda Bond - Publications Coordinator, the Leadership Institute
Ryan Sorba - Membership Director,Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Evan Dent - Public Relations Director, Students for Saving SS
Joe Solis - S. Tx Republicans Coalition
Alicia Bruns - Freedom Alliance
Michael Sullivan - Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
David Guenther - Texas Public Policy Foundation
Lt Col. Brian Birdwell - Pentagon Survivor on 9/11

Please submit questions that you would like me to ask the attendees. I will have a video of the event on

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