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UPDATE: "Restore the Constitution" Petition & "Book Bomb for Ron"

Hi Everyone,

We have decided to leave the petition to "Restore the Constitution" open. As of this morning (10:00am EST) we have only 3, 684 signatures on the online petition and 125 written signatures.

We need many more signatures to have the petition even considered by congress. Therefore, the petition will not be presented to Congress on April 15th, but on a later date to be determined by the Granny Warriors

We will be bringing petitions with us to the "Freedom Rally" for those who have not yet signed and leaving the petition pdf up on www.freedomrally.info/ so that people can still collect signatures off line and send them to us.

All signed petitions sent to us will be kept safe and secure, No personal information will be given to anyone by us, other than the intended recipients (110th Congress) when the petition is complete.

We need at minimum, 30,000 signatures for the "Restore the Constitution" petition to be considered by congress.

Spread the word. Post the petition on forums, forward it, print it out...How do we correct all the violations of law and deal with all the issues facing us? It takes only one document. The U.S. Constitution.




April 30, 2008

"Book Bomb for Ron"

We want to see Ron Paul back on top again and give the media something they can't ignore. Let's get Ron on the NY Times Bestseller List. It's time to break some records!

On April 30th, go to www.freedomrally.info, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. and purchase a copy of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Ron Paul. Regardless of whether you already pre-ordered the book thru Amazon or www.freedomrally.info, purchase another one. You can always give this to someone else or keep a second copy on hand.

"Book Bomb" banners for your website are available at www.freedomrally.info/

It's time to kick this campaign into high gear again!

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