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Bob Barr on Neil Cavuto

Since a Jesse Ventura video was center stage earlier this week I figured y'all would like a Bob Barr video to follow up....


Go RP! Go Retro Conservatism! Go Freedom!

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State Issue

He is running for president, not governor. He would not try to get federal legislation passed legalizing drugs. He clearly said that. I do not support crack and heroin legalization. But if a state does then so be it.

If one doesn't support crack and heroin legalization...

one is not a libertarian in that respect. It is a clear and direct violation of the NAP.

Your argument is the same as

Your argument is the same as those who say Ron Paul is not a Republican because he stands for Libertarian and Constitutionalist principles...

C'mon man... Bob is saying that states should decide whether cocaine and heroin should be legalized. That's a constitutionalist and, in my opinion ,libertarian position and it's often called federalism.
Check it out!

Check out the 3:20 mark

Sean asks him flat out if he is for their legalization.

1) Advocating the transfer of drug laws to the state from the federal is consistent with libertarian principles.
Barr is excellent here.

2) However, a libertarian must also call for the complete repeal of all drug laws.
Barr fails here (see 3:20).

Barr on Hannity and Colmes


Also his internal numbers show him at 7% nationally. 11% if race is Hillary, McCain and Barr.

And something that bothers me. We are willing to give Forsythe $100,000 for a exploratory committee to run for congress. But people are not willing to give anything to the likely LP nominee. It does not mean we give up on Dr. Paul. But of the 365 people on here, how many are delegates or trying to be delegates? If not why not also support Barr online. The simple things like visiting his website and watching his youtube videos.

There is a forum website for Bob.

That's kind of how I feel

That's kind of how I feel too...Some of my fellow Ron Paul supporters get mad when we post anything about Bob Barr, while at the same time people who post things about Jesse Ventura get praise. Oh and Yes, this the same Jesse Ventura who states if he ran for POTUS he would ask Robert Kennedy Jr. to be his running mate. Just what America needs...another Kennedy...

Bob has supported Ron Paul during his race for the White House. He even called for Ron to be the Libertarian nominee. He could have supported anybody else but Ron.

Bob may not be as eloquent and wise as Ron Paul. Few can be. But he does add some spice to the mix. I think he's mostly valuable to our cause. And if he runs and the LP nominates him, we should keep him as an option.

That said...

As Ron Paul supporters, we can at least watch the guys video's and check out his website for now...why is choice a bad thing?

Yikes this guy is a very partial libertarian at best...

I was just watching the Hannity + Colmes interview.
He is opposed to the legalization of heroine and crack!

I don't this guy has spent enough time studying libertarianism. Hit the books Bob!

Personally opposes it, but

Personally opposes it, but believes it should be up to the states not the Federal Government

Same lines as Ron Paul and the abortion stance......

So it isn't so "yikes" to me....

I disagree, Sean asked him flat out...

how he would vote on the issue of legalizing heroin and crack.
That is a complete un-libertarian move!
Aand it's different from abortion. Abortion involves an initiation of violence on another individual...

Good job taking his words out of context,,,,

ok man whatever you say...it seemed clear to me that he was talking about Federalism,considering he says it multiple times. He isn't personally for heroin and cocaine legalization, but is against Federal Government legislation on the matter.

Your argument doesn't hold water. Being Pro-Choice is a often considered a Libertarian position. For Dr. Paul to be personally against abortion must be a "complete un-libertarian move" according to your argument.

And to argue that the two issues are different is incorrect if you believe in Federalism. Both issues should be handled at lower levels of government.

Dude, check out the 3:20 mark!

It's right there.

Regarding abortion...

Libertarianism allows for the free exercise of one's will, as long as it does not harm other innocent human beings in the process, which is what abortion does.

True about Libertarianism

True about Libertarianism and that's fine. As to how the divine theory of Libertarianism and the real world always works may be a different story.

But the good news is that Federalism allows for the people to decide their fate at local levels. As a police officer, personally I wouldn't want heroin and cocaine legalized in my town. If you have ever seen somebody hopped on those drugs, you'd probably feel the same. Especially, if you have kids. That's just me.

Bob's saying that if you want to legalize coke and heroin in your home town than so be it, but he personally wouldn't want that in his town.