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We Are Drafting Ron Paul for a Third Party Run!

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These third party threads


These third party threads are getting REALLY OLD

Onward to the National Convention we go

The Pros and Cons of a Third Party Run......

I will not re-state what has already been stated in previous posts over and over again. The cons FAR OUT-WEIGH the pros of his (Dr. Paul) going third party. Enough said. See you at the Rally!

Why Ron Paul can't run in a third party:

Razorwind Studios is an official endorser of Ron Paul, and we will live free or die! 14th alternate to MN state!
As a member of the Republican party in Texas, if he decides to run as a third party candidate, he would have to give up his seat in congress. We need him to at least stay in congress until we get him into the whitehouse.

Too much

The signature requirements are absurd, we've done it for years in Pennsylvania getting third party candidates on the ballot - the deck is stacked terribly against us, IMHO I think Dr. Paul will be burnt out -
cripes they ignore him now as a mainstream Republican Candidate - if Dr. Paul says yes,,,I'll be suprised and I think it keeps folks from working towards the goal of overturning the presumptive JM nomination. The effort should be on getting more local folks to run & get elected - the farm team that can advance year after year until the cream of the crop can rise to the top.
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The LP gathers less than 1% of the vote for president. Given the Doc's lack of adequate support as a Republican in the primaries, how does this make sense? As hempzelsplus2 points out above, the signature requirements are absurd and hold out the third parties from a real race. He has said no thanks already...


You can't start too early, even though Dr. Paul still has a crack at the GOP nomination.

I'm in the process of neutralizing our chief adversaries in the MSM. Once I'm though with them, they won't dare ignore our challenge to McCain's illegal delegates nor Dr. Paul. While they may be tempted to speak against him, they'll simply open themselves to even more INTERNET email attacks via PowerPoint slideshows. Just wait to you all see "Who Owns Olbermann?" While I'll never write Keith's paycheck, I can make sure it's a LOT smaller in the future.

Next, that pseudoconservative phoney, Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately we need Dr.

Unfortunately we need Dr. Paul to weigh in on it himself, and he seems reluctant to run Third Party, for some reason I cannot understand.

I've heard from a friend who has an office on Capitol Hill that they are holding Pow Wows over "what to do next", so there's always hope.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States