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Minnesota anti tax rally draws Ron Paul supporters

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Thousands of outspoken taxpayers withstood freezing temperatures and blowing snow to rally for smaller government and less taxes yesterday in Minnesota.

Signs with messages like, "Democrats you're not my spouse, stop spending my money," and "I am not an ATM," were found everywhere. The poor economic climate nationwide and a recent statewide gas-tax increase had many at the rally seeing red.

The event took place at the state capitol and was organized by radio personality Jason Lewis, a regular fill in on the Rush Limbaugh program, who says the idea for the tax-cut rally started nearly a decade ago and has turned into an annual event.

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Anyone have Jason's email address?

I'll send him "A Call to Arms_IRS" in both PowerPoint 1997-2003 and 2007 slide show versions. It's expertly researched (in other words, I used experts; I'm not) and he can confirm the facts off-line. Many of you may compare it to Tom Paine's "Common Sense". I hope you will, at least.