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The Blimp Story 1-1/2

I sure hope this one doesn't cause as much argument. I'm sure it probably will though.

Like a friend of mine said, "Halo busting is a tough job."


Look for part II this weekend.

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Enquiring Minds want to know...

Hey Hickory, love your articles. You provide an interesting perspective.

But I'm wondering if you can take a bit of a different angle on your next article. Less blah blah, more bottom line numbers would be swell.

For instance, if you could break down the money spent to:

1. amount spent for the blimp (actually paid to the blimp company).
2. amount spent for signage.
3. amount spent for legal fees and corporate fees.
4. amount spent for web site.
5. amount spent for salaries and profit (and to who this money went).
6. amount spent for graft and corruption.

I wish I could

Thanks John but I don't have those numbers. That's part of the problem that makes it look like someone is hidding something. Rick, Trevor, and Elijah have all said they would give the transaction records and company data-base access to Jerry as they promised in the finall wrap-up of the company. They also told Jerry he could have them at least a month ago probably more. Actualy "let him have them" is not accurate, give him what he rightfully owns by law is what they said. If I get access to the transaction records I'll publish the summary as you suggest. All I know for now is what Katharine told me which was that the blimp raised $600,000 and what Jerry told me which is that each principle owner recieved around $6500 ($21,000 split 3 ways minus a few expenses) when all was said and done.

Thanks for the quick reply

I just want to make sure I'm not funding someone to get rich (or even do very well). For someone doing this, it should NOT be about the profit, it should be about getting the message out.

Remember the scandal with the United Way a few years back? Evidently, some of the higher ups in that organization were living extremely well off of the charitable contributions of others. Which is just wrong, they should have been in it to help people, not to get rich. If they wanted to get rich, do a real business, not a charity.

And don't even get me started on televangelists who get people who are not that well off to send them money so they can live high on the hog (not all televangelists fit this category but some do).

This is totally ridiculous

I can't see Ron Paul getting anywhere with all this nonsense. The object is to get an honorable man Elected. But no... we have egomaniacs dissing people for hours on end. How about using all this time and energy to campaign for Ron Paul?

Formerly rprevolutionist

This strikes me as a personal attack

The "Halo Busting" mission should tip one off.

Musician/Assistant Meetup organizer. Hear my stuff: www.myspace.com/americanpirates

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods


.. personal attacks are only necessary in the absence of facts. =)

Dr. Mart Funcher

BEWARE Breakthematrix!

Based on my personal knowledge of Breakthematrix I would not invest a dime. I do not want to go into details but I have very intimate knowledge of a specific area (not everything) and because of this I say, "Stay away from any future business ventures of Lyman's. Unless you are sending money directly to the ronpaul2008.com website.

The big problem and disconnect came when the money stopped going to ronpaul2008.com and started going into Lyman's pockets.

Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.

Ohh, c'mon ... not fair ...

Ohh, c'mon ... not fair ... you can't say something like that and then not give reasons for it!

Partial intimate knowledge?


Why can't you reveal it?


Dr. Mart Funcher

Thanks for this

Thank God breakthematrix saw the light and saw they weren't going to get the money.


.. what is your relationship with the Lakota?

And might that create a conflict of interest in your commentary involving Collette?

I patiently await your response..

Thank you and have a nice day! =)

P.S. - Feel free to mention this comment in your next article. I won't mind.

You Just Had to Ask

........Didn't you?

Well martfuncher, (what a name by the way!) I was, at one time, a strong supporter of the Republic of Lakotah. However, in the meantime I learned a lot of troubling facts about the Group. I will not bring those issues into this thread but the fact is I am probably public enemy #2 or #3 where the ROL is concerned. They banned me from their forum and also banned half the ISP's in South Dakota and New York trying to make sure I didn't get back in. Kinda funny, because I live in Texas. (Firefox rules!)

I honestly started researching this topic because I thought Jerry Collette was in the wrong. Granny Warrior. sent the leadership of the ROL an email talking bad about Jerry and it fit with everything else I had found out about the Interim government. After 2 months of interviews and searching the www, I found out that in fact Collette is an honest individual who was NOT trying to scam the Freedom Movement out of it's money.

Lie-man, on the other-hand.......who I thought was the golden boy of the Ron Paul movement....proved to be another story. The pinksheet listing by Basic inc. is what made it obvious to me. That and keeping 58% of the stock for themselves.

I do not support the Republic of Lakotah Interim Government. I do support Lakota freedom but I support the cause of Freedom in general so that doesn't really say much.

I don't have a personal agenda here and I didn't have any connection to the Blimp or the Lakota. I intended to prove Collette was the bad guy, I can't do that because he is NOT. These articles are important...even if they get on your nerves.

What is your affiliation with Trevor anyway? And, do you really think Jerry Collette likes these articles? I didn't make him look to great either and I said Katharine was the hero of the day. Trust me, that was not what he wanted to hear.

PS: I wasn't planning on writing this one (part 1-1/2) but after seeing what a scam Basic Inc. was, I felt an obligation to share the rest of my info instead of holding it back for the sake of harmony within the Freedom Movement. Part II will not have any "turbulence". I'm done with all the drama, it's not fun at all!


.. you claim "I honestly started researching this topic because I thought Jerry Collette was in the wrong."(around April 2)

Well, in this article, by YOU, dated February 14, 2008, a full month and half before you suddenly became suspicious of him in the first blimp article, you talk of Collette as a glorious Libertarian warrior and speak of sharing meals with him:

What's up with that?

So, you thought he was a heroic warrior for Liberty on Feb 14, then on April 2 you think he is in the wrong, and now you think he angelic again.

Hmm. Neat! =)

Dr. Mart Funcher

Oh boy...

First, how do you prove the "fact" that someone is NOT trying to scam money? How do you do that, logically? Prove that I am not NOT scamming. You can't

Second, with regards to the stock issue for Basic Media just what are you claiming? Yes, any company that offers stock could just "walk away as millionaires" if they just walked away from the business and cashed out. Are you claiming that is what are they doing. Just walking away with the money? If they invest the money in the business operation they risk losing it all unless they turn a profit. Again, just what is your claim of wrongdoing with the stock? Sounds like a normal stock offering to me. It is NOT unusual for the principals of a company to keep majority stock.

Thirdly, yes, your articles get on my nerves. But only because they lack any hard evidence and sound like a gossip column. They don't annoy me because you are the Crusading Exposer of Great Evil revealing secrets that I was hoping you wouldn't expose.

Fourthly, the only association I have with Trevor Lyman is when SGP started smearing him with one-tenth "truths" and innuendo because SGP was upset with Trevor for not sharing the blimps email list with him. At the time I didn't know who Trevor was and had to google him. Im not a fan of smearing people with innuendo and rumors because of a petty grudge.

Fifthly, yes I HAD to ask! =)

Sixthly, could you use some of your investigative journalist voodoo ninja skills to check up on SGP and find what he is a doctor of and where he got his degree? ;)

Dr. Mart Funcher

Dear Dr. Muncher

I will not respond to anymore of your posts. (Waste of time!) It seems to me that you spend more time arguing with SGP than doing anything constructive. I don't give a crap about your personal problems with SGP.

One hard fact that you can't deny. Is that when Trevor and Elijah left Liberty Political Advertising they used the Website and SSL Cert. that belonged to Liberty to try starting their own Blimp company. Even online....that's stealing.

Why don't you Google "pinksheets"? Then you might understand things a little more.

Here is a good quote about them from the article linked below.

"Securities lawyers, regulators and accountants are highly suspect of stocks that trade on the Pink Sheets. That's because there aren't many legitimate reasons for a clean company to list on the Pink Sheets, says Mike Starr, partner at accounting firm Grant Thornton. Starr says his firm won't touch them as clients. "We don't get involved with companies listed on the Pink Sheets. Frankly, there's too much risk, because there's a reason they're on the Pink Sheets."



.. I googled "pink sheets" and perused the article link you provided. You left this out selectively about pink sheets: "It's unfair to say all Pink Sheets stocks are shady." in your attempt to put forth the fallacious logic that "all pink sheets are scams". And you failed to mention that at any given time 1000's of pink sheet stocks(4000+) are viable while a hundred or so go under or run afoul of the SEC.

I can see why you wouldn't want to hold a conversation with me since your strawman and guilt-by-association tactics are so transparent and easy to detect and point out. You and SGP are perfect for each other because both of you guys favor smearing with innuendo. A kind of "smear now and gather facts later" approach.

Ya'll have lots of fun!


Dr. Mart Funcher

Martfuncher are you still trying to hold Dr Parent's jock strap?

I think the people on this board are on to your tactics...

Keep trying and good luck with your jock straps...

Latinos for Paul

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

LatinsforPaul ... are you

LatinsforPaul ... are you still using that tired old line??



Dr. Mart Funcher

That article seems to

That article seems to reference only existing companies that already have stock issued. That is not the case with this endeavor. It doesn't mention anything about start-ups.

Full disclosure: I know next to nothing about so-called pink sheets. I'm just posing a question based on the article provided.

Just Jen, D.D.S.

Fair Enough

Hi Jen,

Pink Sheets are not cool.....really. If someone wants to start a legit corporation and doesn't have the resources to list it on the NYSE or Nasdaq or one of the other big guys, they can list it on one of several honest boards like the OTC which require full disclosure. Pink sheet companies are not always scams but about 90% of them are.

Also, once the stock is offered aka IPO (which was not the case with Basic, they never offered any stock) it becomes a listed/existing company with only one or two share holders, not a start-up.

Also, where did you get the

Also, where did you get the information on pink sheets as it relates to Lyman's company? Honestly - just wondering!

Re: Also

I think I got the info from their site which doesn't exist anymore I'll check my notes and correct myself if I'm wrong. Sorry it took me so long to answer this one. I'm not avoiding you I'm bussssssssssy. And I just joined this forum today. Not used to checking my posts here.

Thanks for researching things on your own...more people should do that.

NP Hickory ... I understand.

NP Hickory ... I understand. In addition to googling (lol) I spoke to my friend, who - unlike me - is incredibly well-versed in the world of finance, economics, etc. I read your original post to him to get his opinion and he did not disagree with what you wrote. He did indicate, however, that it's not necessarily a harbinger of wrong-doing ... he cited some examples and got into some particulars - at which point my eyes started to glaze over (he gets lengthy sometimes!! lol), but one thing I remember him saying is that K-Mart (Sears Holdings) went pink (for lack of a better term) when they were going through their financial difficulty. He also said it's not terribly uncommon for start-ups to go this route, initially. But, it is much more difficult to get "coverage" of these stocks, because analysts, etc., don't typically follow them ... and so on and so forth ...

I can't wait..

.. to get our bonuses from Trevor and McCain for destroying SGP! I think I'm gonna buy a Jaguar with mine...


Dr. Mart Funcher

What hat..

.. did you pull the 90% of pink sheet companies are scams from? Show me where you got that number from.

Also, did Basic Media, Inc. even sell any stocks? Isn't your accusation of "walking away with millions" just a hypothetical smear of their character IF they would have sold stock?

Dr. Mart Funcher

Hickory, thanks for your

Hickory, thanks for your answer on that!

I did some googling myself and had found these things (excerpts here), which makes me wonder if pinksheets are always bad:

From investopedia.com:

The company may be listed on the OTCBB because it is unable to meet the initial listing requirements of the Nasdaq or NYSE. In such a case, a company may choose to test the waters of the OTCBB, using it as a stepping stone before leaping into the larger exchanges and markets.

From invest-faq.com:

Disadvantages: Thinly traded. Can make it tough (and expensive) to buy or sell shares. Bid/Ask spreads tend to be pretty steep. So if you bought today the stock might have to go up 40-80% before you'd make money.
Market makers may be limited. Much discussion has taken place in this group about the effect of a limited number of market makers on thinly traded stocks. (They are the ones who are really going to profit).
Can be tough to follow. Very little coverage by analysts and papers.

Advantages: Normally low priced. Buying a few hundred share shouldn't cost a lot. Many companies list in the "Pink Sheets" as a first step to getting listed on the National Market. This alone can result in some price appreciation, as it may attract buyers that were previously wary.

In other words, there are plenty of risks for the possible reward, but aren't there always?

I won't clog up the post with the others, but it seems as though it's not necessarily a bad thing??? As of 8/2007, they have now instituted a rating system as well.

Me thinks..

.. Ole Hick' just pulled the 90% out of a magic hat that normally produces stuffed bunnies backed by the Power of Wishful Thinking and Hoping to Smear in the Eyes of the Unaware and Uninquisitive...


Dr. Mart Funcher

What is your relationship

What is your relationship with Trevor?

Why are you so afraid this is coming out?

What is wrong with people asking questions?

Dr. Steve Parent

My relationship with Trevor...

.. is your neurotic obsession with him and your attempts to smear him with innuendo in the absence of any hard facts or evidence. When YOU first mentioned him I had to look him up.

You said:

"Why are you so afraid this is coming out?"

Afraid what is coming out? Are you saying I am afraid of principals of the blimp project saying vague things they didn't like about what the others were doing? Things like, "They won't answer my requests" or "I have asked for such and such on three occasions with no response" or "they changed an e-mail address"

Oh, yes. I lie awake at night in fear of it leaking out that requests have been made by blimp people from other blimp people with no replies and that they changed e-mail addresses on accounts. I live in TOTAL FEAR and DREAD. Because I KNOW this MUST mean they are actually demonic freedom-hating McCain shills who aren't members of meetup groups and are NOT delegates. =(

You said:

"What is wrong with people asking questions?"

Nothing at all. I am just wondering why when I google for "Hickory Hendrickson" it returns buttloads of stuff about the Lakota. And Collette is supposedly the "attorney general" for the Lakota. If Hickory and Collette are both associated with the Lakota then perhaps Hickory is not independent enough to be writing impartial editorials on the blimp project.

Try it yourself. Google for "Hickory Hendrickson Lakota". You tell me...

Dr. Mart Funcher