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Could the Daily Paul add additional forums to promote activism for specific topics?

I have always thought the DP served as a vital meeting place for the early stages of the revolution. However, as the movement is now moving into a new phase, it's possible that more "topic-specific" forums could lead to greater participation and more effective action by the grassroots.

I would suggest that additional forums for specific topics and interest groups could include forums for:

Winning the Convention
Abolishing the Federal Reserve
Ending the War
Abolishing IRS

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I'd hate to add to the work that manystrom has to put into this thing, but it would be great to separate out the topics by subject.

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That's a great idea, and perhaps one that Michael was trying to implement in the weekend upgrade effort (though I don't know). It could very well aid in finding and coordinating like-minded projects/discussions. Of course, efforts specifically geared toward getting Ron Paul elected would be a major forum!

I agree

That's the idea. Simply talking about issues and getting educated is one thing but now we need to be able to turn those discussions into effective groups actions to actually solve the problems.

I added some to my boards

I added some to my boards HTTP://WWW.RONPaulForum.info