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*Let's ban products from the companies supporting the Olympic Games!*

Let's hit the Chinese and the big companies hard! This is what a Revolution is all about! There's nothing we can do about the situation between China and Tibet directly but we can hit those that support totalitarianism hard where it hurts the most, consumption. Unless we see major changes from China, we should follow this ban out until the end. I'm willing to give up on the Coke, McDonald's and any other product from now until the end of the Olympic Games. Who's with me here? What's going on with Tibet directly involves us in one way or another. This is a cry for freedom at its worst and we can do this.

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no thanks

I remember how the athletes were hurt by the US boycott of the Games. I will do nothing to hurt the Games or the athletes of any country, and I like many Chinese made goods sold to me by American companies, like this monitor. This is not how to make a difference.

I agree with freeman.. weve

I agree with freeman.. weve killed what 100,000 innocent iraqis and were gonna tell China what to do???

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

I disagree with you.

Denying the corporations and people who exploit everyone the income they need to do so is the smartest thing we can all do.

Continuing to endorse their behavior with your wallet is not a very patriotic thing to do.

"Trendy and Sanctimonious"

In 1964 and 1967, national guard troops shot many of the over 100 mostly black people killed in the Newark, Detroit, and L.A. race riots. In Michigan at least, the national guard troops were mostly whites from small towns and rural areas. Now we have a situation in another country where majority Han Chinese troops were brought in to subdue and have killed over 100 Tibetens. Sorry, but this outrage sounds a little trendy and sanctamonious. I don't remember other nations threatening to boycott us when why did something similar. Dr. Paul has always taught that boycotts and embargoes isolate nations that try to carry such things out. Offending our banker isn't even practical.

China has ruled Tibet off and on since the 1300's. If we don't like any of this then stop buying Chinese products and sign your deed back to some American Indians but keep our government out of foreign problems.

Pfolker, I'm sorry if you

Pfolker, I'm sorry if you got confused. What I meant is that I would ban the products of the companies supporting the Olympic Games but not forcing anybody here. It's just a suggestion and I would never force you to boycott or ban something. Next time I'll say: "What if...?". OK?

Perhaps I am reactionary...

The word BAN means government FORCE to me. This is antithetical to the Ron Paul revolution.

While I may agree (or not) with a VOLUNTARY boycott, I would never, ever agree to point the power of government at peoples purchasing decisions, save in case of a declared war.

But such bans would have to be uniformly enforced... Let us not forget, Swedish steel was sold to the Nazi's by an American company...

That was "OK", but the trading by you or I would have been subject to arrest...

JohnGalt300: OK, why not? I

JohnGalt300: OK, why not? I forgot about the companies that maufacture their products in China. But thanks alot for the idea. It's official: let's boycott companies that either manufacture their products in China or are sponsors of the Olympic Games!


Fortune Favors the Bold

I think in general, pepsi is a better company then coke (but not a good company). Coke also uses bottling plants in Colombia that allegedly use death squads to union bust, and refuses to send company inspectors to insure this is not the case. They basically say, it's not our responsibility, we license the bottling out to independent manufacturers. I think if a company is manufacturing your product, you get revenue from the manufacturing, and the company uses death squads as part of its business plan, it's pretty much your responsibilty.

Fortune Favors the Bold

While I agree with the sentiment

Fortune Favors the Bold

rather then boycotting businesse who sponser the olympic games, why not boycott businesses who do their manufacturing in China? (Gap, for example)

It seems to me like these are the worst offenders.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Mainly because they sponsor

Mainly because they sponsor the Olympic Games. If we can give our money to Burger King or Pepsi, I'm sure that McDonald's and Coca-Cola are going to suffer severe losses. I'm no economic whiz kid but I do know that if we can turn our backs on McDonald's or Coca-Cola until the end of the Games, then we'd send a message. Tibet has to do with this because they see it as their big chance of waking the world up on the situation with them. They know that the Olympic Games is probably the most important event in sports and what it means.

What do Coke and McDonald's have to do with Tibet?

I haven't eaten at McDonald's for over 20 years and I think it is a place that preys on humans by providing them toxic waste for food. They use beef from animals that are inhumanely treated and their food is nutritionally void and disease promoting. I rarely drink a Coke. So it is easy for me to avoid these places. But, I am trying to figure out why boycotting these things having to do with the Olympic games is directly related to Tibet. Please enlighten me on this.


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


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