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What is Western Democracy? A critique of American Government.

I am a huge support of Dr. Paul. He needs to be put into office in order to restore freedom, real freedom, in the West and in order to bring global piece.
This is a post supporting his view of non-intervention.

I firmly believe the US is NOT a fascist state. However it is a corrupt (by combining government policy with corporate interests) government that promotes imperialism (i.e. Western Democracy)

What is Western Democracy?
Western democracy in an of itself is based on an ideology of enslavement. It proposes the building of an empire where democracy is practiced at home to a limited extent, but implements oppressive regimes in the nations it controls.
This idea can be traced back to the early ideas of democracy is Ancient Greece and Rome and to the teachings of early philosophers (ex: Plato) and to the early founding fathers (Thomas Jefferson).

The following video is what i consider the conclusive definition of Western Democracy:

The most striking similarities between current events and history is the period of the cold war. This was a time when the US declared war on communism and everyone feared the red scourge. This fear was then used to justify military intervention in Latin America.

That period was marked with many Latin American countries having their democracies overthrown and having dictators put in their place (ex: Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala).
These military coups were indirectly or directly funded/supported by US foreign policy.

The following film captures this historical period:

I firmly believe the War on Terror will follow the same path as the War on Communism. Both were doomed to failure because both wars are directed towards fighting a tactic/ideology. The only common denominator between them is an increase in foreign power by the US.

People do want democracy, just not Western Democracy

So I ask you. What is Democracy really??