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Peter James has General election coming in 5 to 8 weeks

I won Maryland's 4th Congressional distirct primary Feb. 12th.

Now I am standing for the general election in November and most likely will be standing for a special general election in May for a the same seat that is being vacated early.

We are looking for commission fund raisers, .NET programmers, people to place ads in our weekly news letter, copywriters, organizers. Get some practice for your campaign here.

We have been getting volunteers from other districts in Maryland and several campaign organizers have come on from Ron Paul's presidential staff.

I am running against Donna Edwards who has had Danny Glover-Chavez come to support her. Her donations are coming from billionniare foundations including Ford, Rockerfeller, Carnegnie, Soros and many lesser knows.

Her number one issue is single payer universal health care yet she is being funded by the largest medical supply company owners. Other big donors include President of Cellular One.

So she is a candidate for the working class working for the super rich.

We had a special election a week ago in my district and the turn out was under 8%. By focusing on turning out the Republican base I don't need a single democratic vote to win.

Please help in my Campaign.

Also, I am issuing a local currency call "Just Money". This will compete with Fed Notes and help my community while educating the citizens about the unjust banking system.

In Liberty,

Peter James
New website(beta): peterjames08.com/pj08/pj08%20new/