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Fringe Party-Fringes Unite

I really think that if all of the non-CFR people would unite, even if we disagree on some things, we would all be much better off and might get this thing done. Libertarians, Constitution Party, FairTax people, FlatTax people, Ron Paul supporters, Nader Supporters, Jesse Enthusiasts.

I really, really think it is dumb for FairTax people not to be on Ron Paul's bandwagon. On the other hand, FairTax has done a tremendous amount of work. I think they now have 7 Senators and 80 Congressmen supporting them. Ron Paul has said he would support them if he was president and it got to his signature. It is a huge step in the right direction.

In this time of great distress, just giving FairTax to the people would be a huge relief. It is a beginning. If we all supported FairTax and they suddenly saw our support for them, they would take a second look at Ron Paul and wonder what was going on.

There may be things individuals don't like about FairTax (but, I think you are misunderstanding personally) but it is a whole lot better than what we have and it is a step in wrangling our gonvernment away from the Feds.

I think we should make a huge thing of it. Go in mass to the FairTax sight and join and give and tell them why and where we came from. You know if Ron Paul gets in, then he is going to start working on his "no income tax." So this takes no skin off our noses, as they say. It is just smart.

Let the "fringe" unite. Let's do whatever we have to do to take over our country. "They" have had their turn. It is the patriots turn.