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Want to Read The Most Important Article on Daily Paul?

I don't know about you guys, but I read this article a few months ago on Daily Paul and it changed my entire outlook on things!


It gave me clarity on an issue that I once saw as extremely complicated.

In my opinion, this article explains the root of all our problems in an easy to understand fashion.

In a nutshell: The people in control of our Currency and Federal Reserve System are the root of all our wars and responsible for the increased losses of our personal freedoms.

It's extremely well written and I believe this information needs to get out to the masses.

I thought that if thousands of us bombarded Bill Maher and Glenn Beck's email, they'll read the article and discuss the issue on their shows, allowing millions of Americans to "see the light".

Regardless if you like them or not, Please email them this short message:
Subject: Incredible Information About Our Wars in The Middle East

Hi (Bill / Glenn),

Please take a look at this fascinating article about our war in the Middle East:

This article explains things from a totally new perspective. It really opened up my eyes.


(Your Name)
Here is Glenn Beck's Email:

Here is a link to Bill Maher's website where you can email him:

Thank you very much and I hope you guys do this.

Let's keep the Revolution Alive!

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