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SAVE OUR COUNTRY! Cost of the National Convention, don't worry just get there.

This forum keeps growing due to additional thoughts being added. Thanks for your patience.

People have been saying it will cost **$3,000 to 5,000** to get to the National convention. This forum is to **DEBUNK **that ridiculous expense. Depending upon what part of the country you live in the expenses will include:

1) Travel: to the convention by air, bus, train, car, motorhome. Of course this can vary depending on where we are traveling from. Bus ticket about $200, airplane ticket about $500. Consider using credit card points for a free flight.

a) consider renting buses w/other delegates for a shared drive

2) Meals: during the convention the vendors, etc. usually mark the food costs up. $50 per day is an estimate, unless you attend the $150 per night dinners.

3) Room stay: The gop has designated rooms for you depending on which state you are from. You are NOT REQUIRED to stay at these rooms, you may stay with family, friends, or a less expensive location, or you could possibly consider getting a group together of motorhomes and share the expense. The majority of expense is if you stay at the hotel. The rooms can range from $250-$300 per night. Sharing a room will help and if you shared with three others that could cut the expense greatly. Also, some states have discount coupons for delegates, ask them! www.gopconvention.com. Also, check with your State gop office to find out if they are charging for the convention. My state is not charging at all. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND FROM MOST STATES!! Also volunteer at the above site, this will make you stand out.

4) The National convention is from September 1-4, 2008, but it could possibly last longer. (please keep in mind you would probably need to arrive the day before) Make a nomination from the floor that the first votes are not bound to vote for a particular candidate, since so many have backed out!!

5) Get with your meetups and start a donation site or account NOW to get the ball rolling. We want to be prepared and NO ONE should be discounted because of the cost, everyone's vote should be as good as the next, WE MUST REPRESENT THE MINORITY AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH SOMEONE HAS ($$) SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR!!

6) Learn Robert's Rules or vote for who knows it and Volunteer for the GOP!!!!

I calculated from one of the farthest states, if you share a room it will cost aproximately $1600 to attend, if you get your own room it will cost about $2,400. That is with using a shuttle from the airport and meals costing about $50 per day, which can also be cut down. This is so important to calculate out and start a fundraising event to get YOUR NATIONAL DELEGATES THERE!! We have to be prepared because September will sneak up on us quickly and we NEED people to attend. Of course if you live closer it will not cost near that amount.

**The main thing is to go to your state convention and sell yourself as a great delegate to go to the Nationals and vote for other RP supporters. Get with your meetups and get those lists of delegates and vote them to attend the NATIONAL.

The point of this is to plan your trip after your state convention and you get your resume to the GOP to be a National delegate by the deadline. Aproximately 30+ for most states will get voted in, so get with your meetups to plan who would/could go, you may have someone that has the duckets, but does not have the time, someone has the time, but not the duckets, they should not be excluded!!

Now of course if you attend all the functions and you eat the $150.00 dinners and spend on "stuff" then you probably will spend $5 grand, but that is not what Ron Paul teaches us to do?

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In case any one is going to

In case any one is going to tha Nationals, just thought I would pull this one out as well.

Excellent idea !!

Good thinking.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

To jg for attempting to ruin this thread

Not speculation.. basic math.
On April 17th, 2008 Devon_Saunders says:
I'm thinking at this point that you're just trying to splinter the thread. I've been to 3 conventions (1 Dem, 2 GOP), a few dozen tribal meetings (One lasted 4 days with the doors closed.. we recalled a sitting chief. There were dozens injured.. ;). I've set foot on 6 of the seven continents. I've been, as they say, around.,

I've also been feeding myself for the last few decades. I do my own grocery shopping. Hell, I even pay with my own money. I'm aware, for instance, that you can live off trail mix for most of the day if you'r in the mood to. I don't need to ~rush out of the convention~ to get a bite to eat...lol.

Of course, you seem to be the resident expert on this thread, no matter what anyone else says.. so just keep blathering while you're getting debunked left and right... ~shrug~


I have read through this

and it seems your posting is for US to be informed, that is not a bad thing....why in the world does thsi JG guy assume you are attempting to split anything? it makes no sense when you think about it, sounds like you want everyone to be informed and he would like to see them just stay home. Thanks for the info, much appreciated and will pass it on to others.

another idea....thanks.

Even $3k seems high...
On April 17th, 2008 RonPaulGuyEastWA says:
It's possible it might cost $3k, but $5000 seems out there. Even if the hotel is $300/night(which is high), that's still only $1200 or $1500 for the week. Travel costs are $1000 at most, and that's if you get crappy deals. $250 for food puts you at $2750 plus any registration fees. These numbers even seem high to me. I'm renting a car for ~$160 for the week and using a free plane ticket. I hope I make it at our state convention. See you in St. Paul!

Also, check your local meetups if you get elected to go as a delegate and can't afford it. They will pitch in. I've already offered plane tickets for anyone who gets elected from my local meetup.

On top of that, many of us will be receiving $600 (single) or $1200 (married) stimulus checks. Use this money for St. Paul - I don't mind the government sponsoring the event that may restore our country :-)

Also, jg, stop discouraging folks from becoming delegates. I agree that it will be expensive but money is not a showstopper - people will pitch in and help you out if you manage to get elected to go. I agree that you should consult with local Paul meetup leaders and the campaign to ensure you are not working against a Paul slate, but if nothing exists, go for it. Again your local meetup organizers are probably the best source of information as they are likely keeping in touch with official campaign staff.

justjenmi has some great info see other posts below.

Please note! While it does
On April 20th, 2008 justjenmi says:
Please note! While it does serve Minneapolis, the light rail does not serve St. Paul. But if you happen to be staying in Minneapolis or Bloomington, for instance, it IS great to use ... as the previous post says - it's fast and inexpensive. If you go to the website he's provided, you can see the route ... just don't count on taking the LRT to St. Paul - hop on a bus instead :-)

another poster said the following.

Here is something I would like to add to the above list so there won't be as much worry about cold weather.
The average high and low temperatures for the Twin Cities on September 2nd is 76 degrees and 56 degrees. The temperature range is between 97 and 42 degrees.

For the rest of us who will be on the streets instead of inside the convention, there is no reason why cots or someone's livingroom floor or back yard tent won't suffice. Pooling together in cars, public transportation, and cheap or free accomodations should put this event in closer to the $200-$500 range. We might also be able to somehow help our delegates inside the walls with transportation, literature, computer access, etc.

See below for entire post, thanks.

Some Visitor information for planning stays
On April 18th, 2008 olafub says:
This is for orienting oneself in the Twin Cities.

The GOP convention site including a list of official hotels. http://www.gopconvention2...
The Republican Convention will be held at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul http://www.xcelenergycent...

Take a tour around the Convention Center
Google Maps.>type in “Xcel Energy Center”>click 'street view' and follow directions
This will also work for most other addresses in the Twin Cities.

The MSP Airport. http://www.mspairport.com...
The airport is connected to downtown Minneapolis by light rail. It is cheap and fast.
Light Rail. http://www.metrotransit.o...
Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro transit bus system. Plan and schedule your rides across town.

Thanks again for a good idea.

fair assessment
On April 18th, 2008 moonslippers says:
As someone who works in the industry, I find your ideas of how to save and still attend viable. I would suggest Meetups network together to meet the needs of their delegates; for instance, who works for a hotel and can get a reduced rate for a friend? Who participates in a point rewards program that allows gifting the points to someone else? Who works for a car rental agency that extends discounted rates for family and friends?

Get creative in your planning and NETWORK!

Good idea!!

On April 18th, 2008 95010bro says:

If you're not a DELEGATE and HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS and can put on a SUIT and TIE,



The Host Committee is delaying the form for reasons beyond me. Let's get every one of those volunteer positions!!!!

freedom bump

freedom bump

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

another old post, but worth

another old post, but worth the renewal.

Another thought.

5g's is not right.
On April 17th, 2008 oruval says:
Me and 4 guys went for a whole weekend to South Carolina and campaigned and canvased. Total bill for 4 of us was maybe $1000.

We drove of course Where there is a will there is a way so if it means that much to you then a way will be found. I will be there for certain.

Other than that I want to see the look on old T-Rex arms McCain's face when it goes to a brokered convention.

This could lead to a real funny master card joke....I can feel it.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here led by example today?

Another great one.

These Might Help A Little
On April 18th, 2008 fanofwalt says:
If you're an Auto Club member, go here and check out what discounts they offer for hotel and car rentals. Also, there's the Show Your Card And Save program, good for discounts at lots of restaurants and other businesses.

Another idea is to pick up the Twin Cities Entertainment Book -- it only costs $15 now (instead of $35), and ships for free. It offers discounts on hotels, car rentals, airlines, restaurants, and much more. You'll very likely save much more than the $15 it costs, particularly if the book is shared with a friend (another delegate or volunteer). And before you leave St. Paul, pass the unused portion of the book to an RP supporter who lives in the area. :)

Another earlier post, to get around the scam~posts.

Save your economic stimulus package!
On April 19th, 2008 dudemanjosh5 says:
If you save it and use it for the convention you will be doing 2 things at once. Helping the economy and Ron Paul! Most of everyone will be getting atleast $600. If you drive that should be enough to cover that atleast.

An earlier post.

Our state
On April 14th, 2008 gigione says:
is renting buses so people(members of the GOP) can go and even ride with the delegates.

For all of the author's self-righteousness and "expertise"....

...she has not put one dollar toward getting national delegates elected


She has generated ill will, recommended splitting votes at the state convention, and flat out lied.

Put your money where your mouth is "4Constitution" and help national delegates GET ELECTED rather than attempt to convince people you are some kind of expert and malign the campaign. Here's your chance.


You are a snake. You pretend

to know about me and you know nothing of the countless hours and dollars I have donated. I did not split anyone. You do not know anything about me.

Again I say if you were to look up the word 'division" in the dictionary they would see a picture of you.

You did not take any courses with your education, or lack thereof, in people skills. You do not know how to create a team atmosphere, you do not know how to get the best from people. You are however very good at slamming and criticizing. I do not appreciate your nonsense.

This is more important than you and your vendettas. This is for our country. If you want to work against that maybe you should consider moving to a new country.

Again you do not know me

and while you are busy donating to the SanDiego Republican Party, i have donated directly to your paycheck and the Ron Paul campaign, I guess you are right, I indirectly helped the RNC by supporting Ron Paul support your paycheck, WOW, what a messup that is.

I have canvassed for Ron Paul, rallied for Ron Paul, donated to Ron Paul's campaign, became a delegate, and you again know nothing. Never in any of my posts have i suggested splitting votes. That is your strategy, NOT MINE!

Hey jg ... Blah blah blah

Hey jg ...

Blah blah blah ...

How 'bout some cheese to go with that whine?


...you're in this too.

It took you about 20 posts of speculating and maligning before you actually LOOKED UP THE DATA.

Now, rather than promoting EMPOWERMENT AND FACT that people need to actually become delegates, you are defending lies and the poster to promoted splitting votes at state conventions which will cause RP delegate LOSSES not wins.

Get past the emotions and get down to the hard work that is still needed.

Stop "strategizing". Take ACTION.

LOL ... you're funny! BTW,

LOL ... you're funny! BTW, try two posts ... THREE tops. Lest you've forgotten, I WAS the one to look up that information online. (Funny - I don't recall reading any response from you debunking my info, either!) Kind of ironic that you were the one calling for "Facts! Not useless speculation!" when you could have taken ten minutes of your time and found the same data I did. I suggest you take your own advice and get past the emotions and take action. Unless, of course, you call lobbing slanderous accusations at somebody else taking action. You have proven yourself to be a baseless shill with zero credibility as far as I'm concerned .... although it certainly seems credibility is not high on your list of values, now, is it? :-)


Hey thanks for all the assist on the info. I think that is the point of these forums so we can add to and discuss the forum and hopefully come up with solutions and not just rant and vent (of course that is part of it). I think what you provided is valuable and I think the above post is for people to not give up...get a plan...attend for Ron Paul. Isn't that why we are on the website called the daily paul??

Sorry you got in the mix of jg's obvious discouragement and retaliation. i again appreciate all your info on the post. You make it to not seem futile to get there....like Nike says JUST DO IT!!!

That was my whole point, do not let people such as jg discourage, when we have so much MSM, ourselves, and people like him being discouraging enough. We need to encourage one another in this fight.

4Constitution, Thanks ....


Thanks .... like I said in the post above - it took about 10 minutes to find the information. Obviously some people decided to ignore the real issue and decided to turn this thread into a "shouting" match.

To WHOEVER is going to St. Paul (regardless of where you stay or how you get there) - I wish you RP delegates the BEST of luck! If you get a chance - enjoy the Twin Cities and all they have to offer - it's a great place (I miss it!)


I was the one who got you to do it after you wasted a couple of hours arguing.

Now, you are a defender or lies and allegations and splitting votes at state conventions when - in fact - you're in agreement with me as your FACTUALLY BASED posts demonstrate, the very ones I asked you to get data for.

So, focus on that. Facts are POSITIVE. Speculation and the original post of this thread CONTAIN NONE. So why keep supporting it? You know more than the author of this original thread does.


Wow, jg ... you ARE delusional! A couple of hours??? Wait - can't type - laughing - ok ... I probably posted a couple of times before getting you the data that you were crabbing about (you know, the data you STILL haven't explained why you didn't take 10 minutes out of your day to find on your own?)

Ok ... wow, I'm sorry .. trying to stop giggling! Ok. I am in AGREEMENT with you?? On what? Certainly not your exorbitant cost estimates! I did agree with you as to the importance of being available for meetings and that kind of thing. Beyond that, I don't know what the heck you're talking about!

And please, don't even attempt to pretend you know what I do or do not support or defend. I happened across this thread, saw the ridiculously erroneous posts you added, and felt the need to take you to task for demanding FACTS (!!!!) of everybody else, without providing any of your own. The fact that you have no rebuttal other than to insult people just goes to show that I was successful at it, too. Later.


You nailed it on the head.

I posted this after receiving several emails in regards to the cost to go to nationals prior to our State convention. If that is not something used to detour people from attempting to attend the Nationals, I do not know what is.

The point is that we support those with the time, but maybe not the money to attend, with those that have the money. Jg obvioulsy is opposed to that. You can read in my post that I said get together with the delegates and create alist of who to vote for to attend the nationals. I just comploetely disagree with jg on listing they must have $5 grand to drop without even thinking about it. I think that is one of the major points of why we are supporting Ron Paul. He does not take money from "Corporate Elite" or "special Interests", he represents through his vote and what he presents before Congress "the people". Not just the one's who can drop $5 grand on not sweat about it. Maybe we need a little more sweat in this country. Maybe we need all of us to dig a little deeper. I do not know what will solve the problem, but I certainly do know it will NOT be with more people of the likes of jg. Those type we are fighting to save our country against.

Thanks again for the info.

4Con ... No problem. I

4Con ...

No problem. I think jg's point is a moot one, anyway. I would think that anyone who is dedicated enough and motivated enough to become a delegate in the first place would have the foresight to see that there ARE costs involved. However, I do agree that by spreading the 5k figure - I suppose it could potentially dissuade some people from becoming delegates if they thought that's what it would truly cost - times are tough! All I would encourage any delegate or potential delegate to do is simply do some research on their own. Surf the net for airfare or bus fare. See where your state's delegation is staying and how much/if any of the tab is being picked up (As posted earlier - there is no requirement that you stay in those hotels). Etc. etc. None of us should just take an assertion like jg's at face value - we must do our due diligence!! That, frankly, still gives me a chuckle that jg didn't do that on his/her own!! Then he could have NEVER made those posts and wouldn't have EGG on his/her face!

He definetely has EGG

but I do not know if it is just on his face.....LOL!

Thanks again for the honest and factual responses....!! NOT JUST SPECULATION! :0)

You, Jg, are obviously a lost soul

looking for nothing but an argument, you obvioulsy have not read the entirety of this post and your momma never let you win an argument, so you think this is a good place to do it and it is not.

If you are not for us you are against us. You have not posted one idea for this forum, you have argued. STOP, please, and go away!