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The Dollar Crisis is spreading Worldwide and fast.

Many countries of the world trade with the U.S. dollar. These countries, many of which are poor, rely on a stable dollar in order to afford even basic necessities such as food. As a result of the dollar's loss in value (caused by FED policies, debt, and printing too much) many countries can't afford certain resources.

In the last few days, Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and other countries are all experiencing food riots. The people in these countries can't even afford to buy food, the merchants can't afford to buy food to sell, as a result they can't make enough profit to run their businesses and feed their families.

You won't hear about these events on the news. Google it if you're interested.

How long before the chaos reaches full swing here in America?

One thing's for sure... this depression will effect the entire world.

Amazing... CNN has an article on the front page of it's website:


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There was a book I read

over 20 years ago and it had been published well before that. It described just the scenario that is currently unfolding and stated that the US and Western Europe would be the last parts of the globe affected by this collapse. I believe it was a report by the Potomac Associates which was similar to the Club of Rome report about the limits of growth. Of course, it like all the central planning approach, is based on Malthusian economics and there is also concerted effort on the part of these central planners to make events play out according to these predictions. It is a false approach and can only succeed if the greatest greatest agency born of the earth is enslaved of its capabilities and that agency is the mind of man. We are at a point where that creativeness must assert itself if mankind is to survive and that can only happen when the mass of mankind is awakened to the nature of his own creator given liberty and freedom.

Yes, there are shortages but

I'd like to know how much of this problem is due to government "central planning", waste, greed (corruption), as well as, total ineptness.


Lisa C.


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I don't know, but a lot of

I don't know, but a lot of it has to do with the dollar's value.

Global Warming

And people wonder how incorrectly worrying about global warming could possibly have bad consequences.

lol that dumbass mccain is

lol that dumbass mccain is even on the global warming fiasco.. anything to scare people into being submissive to the government!... Terrorists, global warming... gee whats next?

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

global warming is BS....

global warming is BS.... when i was a kid in jr, high in the 70's it was global freezing.. now global warming.. gees make up your minds... the government creats problems to be able to save the "people" in order to enslave them... nothing less- nothing more! its pure governmental EVIL

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Hopefully the cold weather

Hopefully the cold weather and food crisis will get people thinking straight.

good post! as for me and my

good post!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

It will get here too but, as long as all the bankers get

bailed out of their mistakes via the printing press at the Fed ....all's well with world right....priorities!

Actually, it is on MSM.

The funny part is that they can't figure out why food has gotten so pricey... supply is a bit of an issue right now, but it doesn't account for how high commodities have gone.

You hit the nail on the head... I posted the same conclusion on another thread here today. People quote the dollar index... but they are forgetting that it really doesn't have much to do with GLOBAL purchase power. Our dollar is getting weaker against other fiat currencies that are getting weaker as well. So while the dollar is indeed tanking, it's just tanking a little quicker than the others are...lol.

With the exception of the Chinese, of course.. but they're smart enough to artificially keep their currency low... for now.

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i know, I saw an article on

i know, I saw an article on CNN which I posted.