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Nightly Business Report Just Mentioned Ron Paul signs in Western PA

Nightly Busines Report on PBS TV was interviewing a reporter from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about the Obama slight on rural Pennsylvania voters. NBR asked her if people in W. Pa. are poltically aware and she repiled, "Oh yes; you see signs every where--Obama signs, McCain signs and RON PAUL signs."

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It's true!

The signs are EVERYWHERE. I about fell over on the way to work one morning when I noticed small signs everywhere. A few days went by and the BIG signs came out. Let me tell you, the coverage is impressive!

The downside is that I have not seen any mention of Dr. Paul on the local networks, and they cover McCain like he's the only one running. However every local channel we have for news is owned by the MSM or affiliated somehow. Doesn't surprise me in the least.

The upside is that some campaigners got started early here. I recall revolution signs adoning feeway overpasses LAST summer. I also had my dads yard sign in last fall, and it remains the only candidate sign on his street.

I know a lot of people think sign waving is useless, but in a place where the media acts like your candidate doesn't even exist it makes a big difference. It is especially important when the media keeps talking about a 'presumptive' nominee and all of the sudden someone else is running? why? It makes them think about it for a second. Why are people still bothering? - Because McCain is not the nominee yet! Keep up the good work guys!

On a side note, kiss 96.1FM had Hillary Clinton call into the morning show and she was asked what she thinks about when she hears 'Pittsburgh' and she had the nerve to say something like 'I think of all these great peopleS (yes, she said it plural)! I think of how people said the economy was bad in PGH and it bounced right back!'

What a joke. Anyone who lives here know were spending ourselves right into the tank just like every other state. Just because shiney new things keep poping up around here does not mean young people are staying in PGH and it does not mean our economy has bounced back. And all these 'new jobs' they claim to create around here are 90% small service industry that won't yield enough income to pay rent. It's a joke and they just keep building new shit like it's going to help.

The sad part is we are a majority blue state. Which means we will continue to siphon money from the pockets of many to finance our pet projects that do little or nothing in the end but waste money. I could go on for hours, but I just don't have the time.

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up for all the hard work.

- Matt

Sending love to PA -- my ancestral "home"!


Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

The Meetup Group here kicked

The Meetup Group here kicked some major ass over the weekend and put up signs all over the place. You can't drive anywhere in Pittsburgh without seeing a large 4x8 sign. I've only seen 1 McCain sign so far and it is a small yard sign.

Phase II is coming this week and we will be making use of the rest of the signs that we have and we made a ton more on Saturday night.

Thats The Way Jimmy - Hats Off To You & The Rest Of The Guys

Pittsburg is great city and I think the Ron Paul is going to surprise a lot of folks, if it is a fair election.

Another surprise will be your new back up quarterback Jared Zabransky. "Z" is going to surprise the Steelers and everyone else in the NFL. His foot speed and quickness was the fastest last year at the Combine since Mike Vick for quarterbacks. And, the biggest thing that he is bringing, is a sense that someway, some how he knows how to win. Team mates will soon buy into that spirit and magical things will happen. Mind you, I like Big Ben but the day of the stationary quarterback is over, you must be able to avoid a sack and make ten years or more if need be. He also hasn't been the same since the accident. A couple of years ago he ran up the middle for 85 years and pulled away from the defensive backs leaving them in the dust. He should be able to out perform Charlie Batch this year and be the second string quarterback.

Years, yards

What's the dif?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I actually heard a radio ad today

in Western PA.

As far as bitter - damn right people here are bitter, but not because the government hasn't helped, because their help has been useless, and we would prefer to be left alone.

Would someone go to an Obama rally, and as the constitutional law graduate, where in the constitution there is the authority for federal Health care, and federal education standards ? ?

And to Hillary Clinton - We also know that the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

Good Job, PA!


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